Cardano Founder Warns ADA Community About the “Massive FUD Storm” Ahead of Alonzo’s Launch

Cardano Founder Warns ADA Community About the "Massive FUD Storm" Ahead of Alonzo's Launch

Charles Hoskinson, Founder and CEO of Input-Output Global (IOG) and Founder of Cardano, has posted many posts on Cardano’s Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) Comment on Twitter, Reddit and other social media. Before the Alonzo upgrade launch, Cardano is facing a storm of commentary.

This isn’t the first time the Cardano blockchain has been exposed to such criticism and FUD, Hoskinson added – it also happened last year before the Shelley upgrade that introduced Proof of Stake (PoS) to the network.

Cardano Founder Not Surprised About the Massive FUD Underway

Hoskinson said on Twitter that he thinks the current “massive FUD underway” is not surprising and has been looking forward to it. His explanation is that with the continued development of this most popular proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, the Alonzo upgrade and other major upgrades from Cardano fall into the category of things that people “don’t understand or feel threatened”.

As a reminder: Anthony Sassano, the co-founder of and a well-known member of the Ethereum community, attacked Cardano and the recently launched testnet with smart contract functionality on a large scale.

On Sunday, he stated that the Cardano blockchain had been damaged. He posted a screenshot that was shared on Reddit. They said the recently released minswap exchange application encountered several major problems. Since Cardano’s EUTXO can now only carry out one transaction per block, it has so far been basically useless for users.

However, the IOHK team posted a long post on Twitter explaining what happened and why the complaints from Anthony Sassano and other users were “noise and FUD”.

“As expected, there is a massive FUD storm underway. We saw the same with Shelley last year. It’s nothing new. Just people wanting to burn down what they don’t understand or feel threatened by. September 12th is a big day, but just a day on a long journey we are all on together.”

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