Cardano Founder Stands Firm, Says XRP Lacks Technical Value

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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, maintains his assertion that XRP lacks any significant technical value. Hoskinson reiterated his previous criticism of the coin by expressing his views on X. This statement followed a reminder from an XRP enthusiast about derogatory comments made by Hoskinson a year ago.

The ongoing dispute between Hoskinson and the XRP community revolves around his belief that XRP lacks technical substance and its community is toxic and petty. Hoskinson and XRP supporters have been arguing because of legal troubles with Ripple, the company behind XRP. 

Hoskinson also disagrees with some ideas about Ethereum and XRP dealing with the U.S. SEC, saying there’s no proof for those claims. This disagreement has been happening for a while, even though it started with issues related to the law and different theories about Ethereum and XRP.

Cardano Founder: Tweet Recap of His Statements on XRP

Yesterday, @3TGMCrypto tweeted about a significant event from a year ago when Hoskinson made strong statements about XRP. The tweet reminded followers that Hoskinson described the crypto as having no value in partnerships or technology. @3TGMCrypto also highlighted that Hoskinson referred to XRP community members as toxic, petty, and conspiracy theorists. 

Directly addressing Hoskinson, the tweet asked, “Do you still believe in those strong statements about the value of $XRP?” This tweet revisits the past controversy, seeking clarification on Hoskinson’s stance on XRP.

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Cardano Founder Stands Firm

Hoskinson reiterates that XRP lacks technical value and has a toxic community. He cites two years of daily harassment as a factor shaping his perspective. Hoskinson underscores the different purposes of Ethereum, Cardano, and others. He also stated that connecting them doesn’t make sense due to personal attacks and communication challenges with the XRP community.

Hoskinson and XRP Community Clash

The feud between Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community began over a year ago during the U.S. SEC’s charges against Ripple. It escalated with allegations around Ethereum’s regulatory treatment, dubbed the “Ethereum free pass” and ETHGate theory. Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum, dismissed these as conspiracy theories.

The ongoing war of words intensified when the SEC labelled Cardano (ADA) as a security, leading XRP community members to use the conspiracy theory against Hoskinson. Despite his clarification that it was about allegations of the SEC being bribed to target Ripple, the dispute lingers.

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