Cardano Founder Speaks on FUD About the Upcoming Integration of PAB

Cardano Founder Speaks on FUD About the Upcoming Integration of PAB

Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano blockchain platform, broadcast from Africa and briefly introduced Cardano’s current “pan-African” trip to the ADA community. He also talked about what he recently saw on Twitter about Cardano’s upcoming integration of PAB.

Cardano CEO Addresses the Rise in FUD

Charles Hoskinson in a broadcast from Africa on October 18, addressed the big flow of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) he has recently seen on Twitter about Cardano’s upcoming integration of PAB—Plutus Application Backend, which is due in November.

Hoskinson also spoke on the Cardano Africa tour in which he shared the progress of Cardano’s trip to Africa with the community. He mentioned several meetings, including dinners with the CEO of retail giant ShopRite and the company’s innovation team.

On the weekend, Saturday, October 16, the CEO of Cardano gave a speech at the Cape Town Innovation Center – “Fireside with Hoskinson” discussion as part of the CiTi (“Cape Innovation and Technology Program”) event.

He jokingly referred to this long-distance journey through Africa as the “Pan-African Journey”. It begins in Cape Town, South Africa and will continue north to other nearby areas: Zanzibar, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, and finally Egypt.

Hoskinson said that three heads of state are in queue to meet with him and that there are also a large number of other meetings.

Hoskinson Addresses More FUD on Upcoming Upgrade to the Cardano Blockchain

Cardano CEO also spoke about the large number of FUDs he had found on Twitter in the past few days regarding the upcoming upgrade to Cardano in late October, but most likely early November: PAB.

PAB stands for Plutus Application Backend. It is one of the tools that the platform will make available after the implementation of the Alonzo hard fork in September. It can help developers based on Cardano to use smart contracts.

According to Cardano’s statement, PAB is “an off-chain back-end service that is used to manage and process the requests of application instances throughout the lifecycle.”

Hoskinson said he encountered many “general FUD” across the Cardano ecosystem, specifically mentioning scalability and TPS issues. He said the platform is constantly evolving and the developers are constantly learning (they have a lot to learn in Cardano). In general, however, the Cardano ecosystem is currently strong and secure, and there has never been such great demand.

Hoskinson added that many commercial products are also available on Cardano. He reminded the community and those who spread FUD that there will be a lot of new technologies introduced on this blockchain in the next three to nine months.

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