Cardano Founder Quickly Denies “Incriminating Dossier” Allegations


Tensions flare as Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, immediately refutes allegations of possessing an “incriminating dossier” made by the Ethereum team.

A long-standing rivalry between Hoskinson and the XRP community intensified this past weekend. A leading figure from the XRP camp cited claims from Hoskinson’s ex-colleagues at Ethereum about possessing potentially harmful information that could threaten Hoskinson’s reputation.

Adding fuel to the fire, a 2022 panel snippet featuring renowned crypto writer Laura Shin surfaced. Within it, Shin subtly took a jab at Hoskinson, insinuating that he once posed as Bitcoin’s elusive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Shin further alluded to a known disagreement between Hoskinson and the Ethereum team. She mentioned that Ethereum members had aggregated various online data they deemed damaging about Hoskinson, leading to an alleged “dossier” before their pivotal separation meeting.

Historically, after parting ways with the Ethereum Foundation, Hoskinson embarked on his journey to establish Cardano. These recent allegations from the XRP community, already at loggerheads with Hoskinson, became a hot topic. 

It’s essential to note Hoskinson’s previous portrayal of the XRP community as conspiracy theorists. This came after the community suggested that the Ethereum Foundation had swayed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to favour ETH.

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Hoskinson Rapidly Responds to Dossier Claims

Moments after Mr. Huber’s post, Hoskinson quickly countered the allegations. He contested the existence of any such dossier, emphasizing that if one existed, Shin would’ve “published it [the dossier] verbatim”

In her revealing book “The Cryptopians,” Laura Shin unveils many crypto industry secrets, touching upon Hoskinson’s ties with the Ethereum Foundation. She contends that Hoskinson misrepresented his academic achievements, yet she doesn’t disclose any details about the rumoured “dossier.”

Recently, Hoskinson has faced other challenges. He has distanced himself from controversies involving the Cardano Foundation and defended his stance in a separate disagreement with the Algorand community, championing Cardano’s merits.

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