Cardano Founder Criticizes Crypto Industry’s Deceptive Tactics

Cardano Founder Criticizes Crypto Industry's Deceptive Tactics

In a recent video, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson criticizes a deceptive agenda in the crypto industry, alleging that some individuals orchestrate staged activities to promote specific projects, falsely portraying them as representative of the broader industry.

Deceptive Practices in the Crypto Space

Hoskinson claims a recent poll excluded Cardano entrepreneurs to artificially boost momentum for favored projects, branding these actions as “Kayfabe” and asserting their misrepresentation of the crypto industry’s reality.

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Hoskinson implies that orchestrators design these events to provoke outrage within the Cardano community, potentially causing unsuspecting users to succumb to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD).

Cardano’s Response to Deception

Despite these challenges, Hoskinson reassures the Cardano community of the project’s commitment to transparency. Furthermore, he pledges to establish a social space where individuals can learn about the network without being influenced by deceptive tactics. Hoskinson emphasizes that Cardano’s value proposition is strong enough to attract users without resorting to deceptive practices.

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Hoskinson underscores the importance of governance in the crypto space, advocating for deeper discourse and collaboration. He believes that genuine governance requires effective communication, foresight, compromise, and consent, qualities often lacking in the shallow discourse prevalent during bull markets. Moreover, Hoskinson asserts that the Cardano community stands out as a beacon of true governance within the crypto industry. He believes that Cardano has the potential to inspire and lead other projects in developing robust governance frameworks. 

Hoskinson’s critique exposes widespread deceptive tactics in crypto and emphasizes Cardano’s dedication to transparency and genuine governance.

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