Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Addresses Ethereum Insider Revelations

Cardano's Founder Reflects on a Pivotal Decision

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano, has responded to the controversial revelations brought forth by former Ethereum insider Steven Nerayoff. In a comprehensive 22-minute video, Hoskinson delved into the private conversations disclosed by Nerayoff and shared insights into his own experiences and contributions within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Cardano Founder Addresses Nerayoff’s Disclosures

Hoskinson acknowledged his extensive acquaintance with Nerayoff, revealing that their initial meeting occurred in 2013. He emphasized Nerayoff’s notable contributions during the early stages of Ethereum, particularly in facilitating the structuring of the Ethereum crowd sale. This came about following Hoskinson’s departure from the project.

Throughout the video, Hoskinson focused on the Ethereum Rescue and Restructure plan highlighted by Nerayoff, drawing attention to the fact that his name appeared a staggering 69 times in the document. 

Seeking to set the record straight, he staunchly defended his professional track record, pointing to the remarkable success of Cardano and the absence of any legal issues or scandals associated with his work.

Reflecting on his departure from Ethereum in June 2014, Hoskinson expressed optimism regarding the potential for interoperability and collaboration within the cryptocurrency space despite historical conflicts. 

He candidly shared the personal toll that longstanding disputes had taken on him, stating, “From basically the very beginning, every dimension of me has been attacked…and that does have a psychological impact.”

Addressing Nerayoff’s disclosures, Hoskinson urged caution in interpreting the revelations, underscoring the intricate nature of the situation. He advised against making rushed judgments based on partial information, cautioning, “Just don’t believe anything because somebody wrote a book or somebody released a transcript that you now know everything, and it’s all there.”

Leveraging his own challenging experiences post-Ethereum, Hoskinson spoke about the significance of reconciliation and moving forward. He concluded the video on a positive note, calling for unity within the crypto community and extending well wishes to Nerayoff in his pursuit of truth. 

He suggested, “For everyone’s sake, sometimes it’s good to turn the page and let it go. Anyway, I wish Steven well and his quest for truth, whatever this means to him.”

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