Cardano Founder Censure XRP Community Over ETHGate Theory 

Cardano Founder Censure XRP Community Over ETHGate Theory

Cardano Founder -Charles Hoskinson, has taken another swipe against XRP community members regarding ETHGate allegations.

The dispute between Cardano founder -Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community can’t be said to be ending anytime soon. In a recent X post, Hoskinson took on some XRP community members for pushing the ETHGate theory.

“You know my favorite part about the holidays is kicking the XRP ETHGate Hornet’s nest with easy-to-meme sound bites connected to mostly ignored nuanced points. It’s like the first snow of winter,” said Hoskinson.

XRP Community Reacts

As expected, Hoskinsosn’s comment did not go down well with XRP enthusiasts, as they took to the comment section.

An XRP supporter claimed to have  liquidated his position in ADA due to Hoskinson’s immature behavior. Another, noted that Hoskinson deserves a jail term for the role he played in ETHGate.

Ashley Prosper, a Prominent XRP community member, also took a swipe at Hoskinson tweet.

Interestingly, Mr. Huber provided clarity on the ETHGate theory. He emphasized that Ethereum officials did not only bribe SEC to attack Ripple, but every other crypto project except ETH.

XRP Community ETHGate Debates

The ETHGate theory has continued to stir major debates within the crypto community. The theory which relates to allegations surrounding Ethereum officials’ relationships with SEC insiders to create a favorable ETH regulatory environment has caused many stirs.

Notably, the theory recently got XRP community’s attention after Hoskinson commented on the issue in an AMA session. In his response, the ETHGate theory has been divided into two distinct topics. He noted that many allege that the theory relates to Ethereum officials using connections with SEC insiders to give ETH an edge over other crypto in terms of regulations.

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However, he said other people alleged that Ethereum bribed the SEC to attack Ripple and XRP. Reacting, Hoskinson asserted “no evidence” to supporting the allegations that Ethereum bribed the SEC to go after Ripple.

Cardano Founder vs XRP Community

The XRP community and Hoskinson have been at loggerheads for a year plus. This dispute started after Hoskinson called XRP enthusiasts conspiracy theorists for their allegations regarding the ETHGate theory.

The XRP community in response slammed him following the remark, with some members calling relevant authorities to investigate his role in the ETHGate saga. In December 2022, Hoskinson noted that he would no longer comment on any XRP-related issues; a news that came after he was slammed for sharing a rumor that the SEC and Ripple would settle in mid-December.

In June, the Cardano boss made a peace offering to end hostilities with the XRP community shortly after the SEC labeled ADA as an unregistered security.

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Despite indicating his willingness to end the feud, he expressed frustrations at the XRP community for tagging him to ETHGate-related matters.

Recently, he addressed the conspiracy theory regarding ETHGate, emphasizing that while “backroom stuff played a role” in ETH’s regulatory journey, he does not believe that the Ethereum team bribed the SEC to attack Ripple.

Consequently, XRP community members demanded an apology from Hoskinson for reiterating their position on ETHGate. However, Hoskinson has continued to ignore these calls as the feud between him and the XRP community heightens.

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