Cardano Foundation Announces the Start of the Cardano Developer Portal

Cardano to Enable Users Execute Smart Contracts Once the Hard Fork Launches

Cardano has undergone a series of updates that have introduced smart contracts into its ecosystem, opened the door for dApps creation, DeFi projects, and smart contracts to be used in different protocols, which saw the price increased earlier this year. The Cardano Foundation is now announcing the introduction of the Cardano Developer Portal, which will make it easier than ever to build on Cardano with new tools, content and resources.

Opportunities the Cardano Developer Portal Has to Offer

The Cardano Foundation posted a series of tweets yesterday detailing all of the different things users can do now on the new developer portal. To begin with, the project has prepared a “Get Started” page explaining everything to new users, from all of the contents of Cardano to the various components it contains, various build tools and technical concepts in its ecosystem, etc. Wait. Most importantly, it also offers the opportunity to join the project’s growing developer community.

Next, the new portal also offers the opportunity to explore Cardano wallets and learn how to easily integrate them into apps and websites for anyone who wants to support them and bring their business closer to the Cardano project staff.

In addition, the Cardano Developer Portal also offers users the opportunity to operate the equity pool and to understand all of the operator’s knowledge from a marketing and technical point of view. The project also provides educational materials on native tokens, including what they are, how to mint them, or how to create an NFT. More importantly, it explains why all of this can be done without smart contracts.

Towards the end, Cardano also introduced the ability to fund their projects if they choose to form the Cardano network. 

Finally, Cardano has also introduced the ability to create with transaction metadata, there is a special page that explains what transaction metadata is, how to add it to the transaction, how to view it and how it can be used to produce all the content.

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