Cardano Ecosystem Growth As CGI Records 782% Growth

Analytics has revealed Cardano (ADA) ecosystem projects as  significant beneficiaries of the Bitcoin-led rally over the past few weeks. 

Digital tokens leading in noteworthy performance within the Cardano ecosystem include CardanoGPT (CGI), memecoin Snek (SNEK) and DexHunter (HUNT) amidst others.

Specifically, the Cardano-based projects have engineered bullish growths that pulled their cumulative 30-day performance to a triple percentage digits. Cardano stake pool operator Cardanians recently spotlighted the performance of the Cardano projects in a tweet.

Cardano GPT (CGI) Claims 782% Gain

Statistics from renowned Cardano explorer, reveals the CGI token growth of 126.69% in the last seven days. Meanwhile, on a one-month scale, the token has surged by an astonishing 782.7%.

According to the project team, CardanoGPT represents the fusion of AI and blockchain as they aim to use AI capabilities to shape intelligent solutions that redefine the Web3 ecosystem.

Furthermore, CGI token holders enjoy exclusive access to Girolamo, CardanoGPT’s internet-enabled general knowledge chatbot.  

At press time, CGI trades at $3.34 per token a 27.3% surge in the daily time frame.

Cardano GPT Daily Chart

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SNEK 158.65% Gain

In the performance ranking, SNEK is the second contender to CGI. However, a landslide margin set them apart. Data from Cexplorer indicates that SNEK recorded a growth rate of 158.65% over the past 30 days. 

Notably, SNEK is a community-driven crypto project with no official roadmap. In other words, the coin is explicitly designed for the fun of it, to establish itself as the most laid-back meme coin within the ecosystem.

At the time of reporting, SNEK trades at $0.001068, a 24.96% increase in the daily time frame.

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HUNT 100%+ Growth

Following CGI and SNEK closely is HUNT, the native token of DexHunter, an acclaimed DEX aggregator on Cardano. HUNT has experienced a 103.9% gain since November 12 as market participants have traded over $668,005 HUNT these past day.

Other ecosystem tokens that have recorded comparable growth are TurtleCoin (TRTL), Linkage Finance (LIFI), Cornucopias (COPI), OptionFlow (OPT), and Iagon (IAG, which  have seen at least a 72% growth over the last 30 days.

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