Cardano Displays Dominance by Surpassing Polkadot and Kusama in Developer Activity

Cardano (ADA): Price Stalemate Amidst Market Volatility by 1.75% Decline and Musk Speculation

Despite the unique features Cardano (ADA) possesses, it has often lagged in GitHub related activity to platforms like Kusama and Polkadot. Yet, this trend appears to be shifting. As per a recent analysis by Santiment, Cardano has now taken the top spot in terms of development activity.

Santiment pointed out that Cardano has reclaimed its leading spot in GitHub activity, being the only project with more than 500 daily contributions. Polkadot followed closely with 492.7 contributions over the last month, while Kusama trailed with 402.7 submissions.

GitHub serves as a primary hub for development work, facilitating collaboration among multiple developers on various projects. The recent data highlights the vibrant and robust developer communities backing each of these platforms. The competition in GitHub contributions among these initiatives mirrors a broader movement in the crypto industry towards substantive tech evolution and tangible progress.

While Cardano’s recent strides in innovation and adoption have placed it in a leading position, GitHub activity isn’t the sole indicator of a project’s success. 

Nonetheless, it offers a clear testament to community engagement and provides insights into the project’s trajectory.

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Cardano Network Activity Surges

IOHK, the company responsible for Cardano, releases weekly reports summarizing the network’s progress. In the latest report, they shared updated blockchain statistics. The total native tokens on Cardano now amount to 8.7 million, with over 73 million aggregate transactions. The network has introduced 137 projects so far, and there are currently 1270 projects in various stages of development on the platform.


Cardano’s positive advancements extend beyond development activity, with both Total Value Locked (TVL) and stablecoin market capitalization showing growth. In the aftermath of 2022, TVL experienced a gradual decline throughout that year. 

However, the current year has brought a different trend, with Cardano’s TVL on the rise, now surpassing $160 million.

Simultaneously, the stablecoin market has been expanding, with a more pronounced upward trajectory in market capitalization compared to TVL, as indicated by the chart provided.

Despite this positive news, ADA’s price has faced challenges like other cryptocurrencies. Currently, ADA is trading at $0.2608, marking a 6.49% decline over the past 7 days.

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