Cardano Development Report: Updates on Lace Wallet, and More

Cardano Development Report: Updates on Lace Wallet, and More

Blockchain startup –Input Output Global (IOG) focused on the growth of the Cardano network recently released its weekly development report. 

Notably, the report highlighted Cardano’s technical development in various aspects of the network as part of an effort to enhance users’ experience. 

According to the report, the tooling used for Ledger, the core of Cardano’s blockchain, saw improvements. The team responsible for Ledger development focused its attention on resolving the bugs associated with the appropriate usage of DRep thresholds.

In addition, the development team behind Lace Wallet, a light wallet built on Cardano, focused on enhancing its multi-staking feature. 

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Cardano Smart Contract Feature Update 

Interestingly, Cardano’s smart contract functionality also received significant upgrades in past weeks. According to reports,  the Plutus and Marlowe teams worked on different projects in relation to the network’s smart contract. 

While the Plutus team worked on Cardano-node-emulator testing and Marconi API queries, the Marlowe team organized two workshops to explore Marlowe’s safety features and its beginner-friendly smart contracts. 

Cardano Scaling

There were also some updates from the Mithril team, which focused on improving Cardano’s scaling. The team made progress with decentralizing the Mithril networks.

It resolved the issues with Cardano’s Docker package and addressed the technical problems in the release mainnet aggregator. Notably, the token’s development efforts in the past week further support the latest milestone achieved by the network. 

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Weekly development report 

According to report, the number of projects building on the network has surpassed 1,300. At the time of writing, there are 1,302 projects building on the network. 

Cardano Weekly Development Report

Additionally, the report shows that 148 projects have gone live on Cardano since its inception in 2017. Furthermore, the number of assets issued on the Cardano network has reached an astounding 9 million. The network’s total transaction count has also hit a milestone of 79 million. 

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