Cardano Claims Top Spot of Overall Development Activity For 2022

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Despite the current market conditions, Cardano has dominated all development work for 2022, according to a Santiment Feed insight provided in a tweet today.

The blockchain outperformed the top 10 contenders, including Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum, Internet Computer, Elrond, Flow, Optimism, Aptos, and Polygon.

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It’s important to note that Cardano has accomplished this record twice in a row, having previously topped the pack in development in 2021. With over 140,000 total development activities and over 53 daily active contributors, it overshadowed rival blockchains in 2017.

However, Santiment has yet to make available these figures for 2022.  Nevertheless, they can be expected in the crypto analytics companies’ end-of-year reports.

Cardano’s ranking is hardly unexpected, given it dominated development activity for several consecutive months throughout the year. Most recently, according to a report, it held the top spot in November with a development activity count of 572.67, 17% higher than its nearest rival.

Recall that the Vasil hard fork in September gave Cardano what its developers called its most significant update. With Plutus version 2, the upgrade has increased the stability of smart contracts. It also created a new pricing structure that makes running decentralized apps more affordable and effective. Pipelining, which additionally claimed to increase the network’s throughput, was added to all these.

Predictably, a rush of initiatives is being developed on the network to benefit from these advances. According to Input Output Global’s last weekly development report for the year, 1,151 projects are currently being developed, and 111 projects have already been launched.

Cardano’s network optimization solution, Mithril, and scaling solution Hydra are also being developed. According to IOG chairman Charles Hoskinson, DApps are already incorporating Mithril and Hydra, respectively.

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