Cardano CEO Optimistic on the Blockchain’s 2022 Roadmap

Cardano CEO Optimistic on the Blockchain's 2022 Roadmap

The Cardano community has been growing exponentially following the creativity and innovation of the blockchain. Earlier this month, Fxcryptonews reported that there were more than 2 million ADA wallets. 

Cardano CEO Loves How the Blockchain Roadmap is Playing Out

Cardano CEO in his recent post on November 12, declares that he loves how the roadmap for the blockchain 2022 project is playing out.

In a recent blog post, the company behind Cardano also discussed how it will optimize network performance over time. It indicated that Cardano’s future focus will shift to optimization, initially to provide core skills and correctness. 

Tim Harrison from IOHK stated that, as the network evolves and Cardano runs at a higher capacity, they will adjust the parameters to keep pace with network requirements.

Network Congestion

In the event of the recent congestion due to a sharp drop in the NFT, it aims to build a “more efficient transport system” in the short term.

Some developers are already producing such systems specifically for NFT drop, which can also reduce costs.

In addition, IOHK stated that the network is highly resilient even under severe saturation conditions. Therefore, the “congestion period” lasted less than an hour. At that time there were a large number of concurrent NFT transactions. Nonetheless, IOHK promised to “upgrade gradually over the next few months.

What is Blockchain Next Step?

To improve network performance, Harrison also announced that there may be a wait between submitting the transaction and accepting the transaction. In addition, Cardano will also look into increasing block size, Mempool size, script compression, and other alternatives for the optimization.

They also plan to push the status of the ledger to disk to reduce the load on the chain. Hoskinson recently stated that with this optimization, Cardano will bring additional capabilities to Hydra in the medium term.

In the long term, the Ouroboros protocol could contain further updates.

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