Cardano CEO Clarifies the Crypto Community on the Current FUD ADA is Facing

Cardano Founder Shocks the Crypto Community With What He wants for Christmas

Cardano was one of the most talked-about cryptos last week after eToro, a trading platform announced it will be delisting ADA from their platform following regulatory issues in the US.

Cardano CEO: Cardano Doesn’t Need a Magical Cardano 2 to Survive

According to his comment on Twitter on November 28, Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson sensed the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) of the cryptocurrency market for today’s seemingly endless downtrend at ADA. In his reaction to the ongoing crisis,  Charles Hoskinson said Cardano doesn’t need a magical Cardano 2 to survive.

In addition, He stated that the current uncertainty is on the one hand a future-oriented design and proof that can dispel any doubts if Cardano regains the prestige power to spike to a new price.

”And they are terrified because there doesn’t need to be some magical Cardano 2 to survive. It’s a future proof design and we are systematically building towards it together with the strongest and most engaged community brick by brick”

In the post, Hoskinson confidently mentioned that they have worked together with exceptional performance to systematically improve the functions of ADA. Additionally, he pointed out that even with the help of the most dedicated Cardano community, ADA will gradually blossom over the next few days.

Many people believe that ADA’s FUD is so loud in the market because it claims to be an alternative cryptocurrency to Ethereum (ETH). Others also firmly believe that this moment is not the end of Cardano, no matter what. Instead, it is preparing to return with a competitive bullish appearance.

Cardano’s trading price as of the time of writing is $1.57 and its market value is $53 billion. Despite the crisis, ADA makes ADA’s market capitalization on CoinMarketCap the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

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