Cardano Blockchain and its Staking Capability Integrated into the Taurus Platform

Cardano Blockchain and its Staking Capability Integrated into the Taurus Platform

Taurus, the leader in the Swiss digital asset framework, announced that it has effectively integrated the Cardano blockchain and its staking capability.

Cardano’s Integration Reflects the Growing Demand for a Proven PoS

According to Taurus’ tweets, Cardano’s integration reflects the growing demand for a proven proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain protocol.

Cardano is already available and should fully support the Alonzo hard fork which was launched on September 12th.

Against this background, the platform has also installed a pledge function at the institute level. Essentially, Taurus customers can now use Taurus-PROTECT to collect staking rewards on Cardano.

The digital asset custody platform Taurus’Taurus-PROTECT is known in Europe. It also adds Cardano compatibility to the company’s own blockchain interconnection infrastructure, Taurus-EXPLORER.

Taurus is Leading the Digital Platform Offering Cryptocurrency

Taurus is a Geneva-based company primarily engaged in blockchain infrastructure development and digital asset custody. Taurus was founded in 2018 by a former executive with a banking background. The company has established itself as the leading digital platform, offering cryptocurrencies, emerging digital currencies and tokenized assets.

Cardano’s latest upgrade, the Alonzo Hard Fork, along with its improved features and performance, will be available immediately on the platform.

Specifically, Cardano will now be made available to Taurus customers such as investment banks, crypto banks, retail/digital banks. The integration gives these customers access to Cardano’s decentralized open-source blockchain network. Take advantage of the opportunity to carry out more than a million transactions per second. It will also serve as a platform for the deployment of smart contracts.

JP Aumasson said on announcing the merger with Taurus co-founder and chief security officer Cardano:

“We are pleased to integrate Cardano and further expand our PoS protocols offering to our clients. We enjoyed collaborating with the Cardano technology teams and look forward to integrating smart contracts in the near future.”

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