Cardano Based Largest Cross-chain NFT Marketplace, Verlux Starts Pre-sale

Cardano Based Largest Cross-chain NFT Marketplace, Verlux Starts Pre-sale

As a widely accepted project, Verlux’s mission is to build the largest cross-chain NFT market on the Cardano blockchain. Given the current excitement surrounding their innovation.

Cardano Based Largest Cross-chain NFT Marketplace to Start Token Pre-sale

According to an announcement, Verlux announced the start of their token pre-sale, which, as usual, has gotten off to a good start.

Verlux is a decentralized cross-chain NFT platform based on the Cardano blockchain and enables users to efficiently and seamlessly exchange NFTs from other blockchains to the Cardano blockchain. The goal of this innovation is to make NFT a low-cost ecosystem while taking advantage of the low transaction costs, fast transactions, and security of the Cardano ecosystem.

$VLX Pre-sale Details

The $VLX token pre-sale is now online and can be purchased through the $VLX token sales page.

Users can purchase $VLX tokens at a discounted rate prior to the end of the $VLX pre-sale.

$VLX token distribution: 20% (2,000,000,000)


1 VLX = 0.0020 ADA

1 ADA = 500 VLX

Minimum purchase amount: 200 ADA

Maximum purchase amount: 10,000 ADA

The $VLX tokens on the Verlux platform have multiple uses, which is very convenient for $VLX token holders.

The Future of Verlux

The mission of the Verlux NFT Market is to continuously innovate, offer solutions and support the development of the NFT ecosystem to explore its infinite possibilities. The many features that they are developing will soon be fully rolled out, and other features are planned in the future.

The Verlux project plans to launch a fully functional cross-chain NFT market in the Cardano ecosystem by the first quarter of 2022. The funds raised through the sale of $VLX tokens to early investors will be used to build and further develop the project.

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