Cardano-based DEX RavenDex Releases Front-end (UX / UI) Demo Version

Cardano-based DEX RavenDex Releases Front-end (UX / UI) Demo Version

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders can try to leverage the groundbreaking Decentralized Exchange (DEX) UI from Cardano (ADA), the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

RavenDex Publishes Front-end Demo Version

According to the official announcement by the RavenDex team, a demo version of its front-end (UX / UI) has been released for experimentation.

This is the first announcement of technological advancement after the completion of the private token sale with an oversubscription of its core native RAVE asset.

Hence, this is a working demonstration of the operation of RavenDex and the utility of RAVE tokens for early adopters participating in private token sales.

The RavenDex Labs team is behind the development and promotion of the platform. The team is focused on advancing trading tools in Cardano’s emerging decentralized application (Dapp) ecosystem.

RAVE Tokens Seed Are Being Sold Now

The team also shared the details of the next stage of funding, namely the public token sale of the “seeds” of RAVE tokens. Right now, buying RAVE tokens is the only option for those interested in joining the RavenDex platform.

The private RavenDex token sale started on October 20, 2021. All fans of Cardano solutions are welcome to contribute to RAVE early on.

The RavenDex team will work with alumni of Plutus Pioneer, a developer incubation program focused on Cardano. The next version will bring RavenDex closer to the mainnet release.

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