Bybit Exchange Launches NFT Marketplace

Bybit Exchange Launches NFT Marketplace

One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges Bybit has launched its non-fungible token marketplace, a platform that gives users access to the world of NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse.

Bybit NFT Marketplace Launch to Give Content Creators Work Ownership

According to an announcement on January 20, the exchange stated that the new platform is a one-stop-shop designed to connect digital artists and collectors/buyers. Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou noted that despite skepticism about NFT investing, the initiative allows more people to participate in digital ownership. It also gives content creators ownership and control over their work.

He added that they are excited to provide Bybit users with a world-class NFT platform to participate in the creation of a new marketplace and world called the Metaverse.”

Bybit NFT Marketplace Features

According to the exchange, the platform, known as the Bybit NFT marketplace will operate differently than other existing NFT businesses. Bybit customers can buy and sell NFTs without connecting their external wallets to the platform. Instead, they can trade digital collectibles directly from their cash account.

In addition, Bybit said it will support NFTs from different blockchains to meet customers’ transaction needs. The US-based exchange noted that anyone, regardless of experience level, can easily conduct operations on the platform.

To kick things off, Bybit said there will be campaigns featuring some of the hottest digital collectibles from Monster Galaxy, ONBD, and Realy.

In addition to listing the collections of the three curators, the exchange noted that in the future it will also support the launch of exclusive NFTs by emerging and established artists and will offer attendees several mystery boxes.

NFT Adoption Cause Massive Marketplace Launch

Meanwhile, non-fungible tokens are currently one of the hottest niches in the crypto industry with billions of dollars in trading volume.

As demand for the asset class continues to grow, crypto companies have opted to open their own NFT marketplaces, where users can trade and mint digital collectibles.

Last year, Coinbase announced it would launch an NFT marketplace called Coinbase NFT. Earlier this week, the exchange partnered with Mastercard to allow users to easily purchase non-fungible tokens with a credit card.

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