BSC Station Partners with MEXC to Provide Excellent Services for the Exchange

BSC Station Partners with MEXC to Provide Excellent Services for the Exchange

MEXC is a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform that was launched in 2018 to provide investors with opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies. Recently, MEXC has built some excellent partnerships with top platforms to ensure its rollout on a global scale. One such partnership is the MEXC-BSC station partnership.

The platform is currently in the top 10 most reliable crypto exchange networks and is taking over Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc. Unlike many of the platforms mentioned above, this platform offers a wide range of fixed assets and market collections to help investors invest in stocks .

The platform offers some of the best services in the crypto world including futures, margin, spot and derivatives trading. MEXC Exchange also offers other services such as IDO LaunchPad and Defi and POS staking options.

What is a BSC Station?

The BSC station is a network that was developed as a hub for Defi and NFT on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a team of 13 led by Mr Scotfield. The platform is the hub of all crypto services in the Binance Smart Chain network and provides a centre for IDO launch pad, farming, staking, BSC swap, NFT auction and NFT market.

BSCS is the first in Binance Smart Chain and will fuel the rapid growth of the BSC project ecosystem. By using BSC as a basis, BSCS enjoys the best service with low costs and a reliable and scalable network.

MEXC Lists BSCS in the innovation zone

A few weeks ago, the MEXC exchange platform listed the BSC station token (BSCS) in its innovation zone in order to attract global investors and users. These are deposit and trade competitions that began on May 27, 2021, and lasted through May 30. The idea is to ensure that $25,000 worth of BSCS is traded in the market, $12,000 is used as a deposit, and $13,000 is used as a transaction.

The competition was a complete success: on May 31st, MEXC announced the winner and the trading volume of BSCS in the MEXC exchange network increased significantly. The winner will receive various prizes that have been determined before the start of the competition.

This list opens the way for a new partnership between BSCS and MCX that will ultimately benefit both parties.

The Benefit of MEXC-BSCS Partnership

The interaction between MEXC and BSCS should help to simplify the provision of crypto services in BSC. Due to its strong exchange capabilities, BSCS will benefit greatly from the current extensive MEXC network and big names.

More importantly, due to the widespread influence of MEXC, BSCS will be able to bring its services to all countries in the world and its tokens will be available to everyone. With the consolidation of the partnership, the trading volume of the BSCS/USDT market on the MEXC exchange will increase significantly.

Both BSCS and MEXC have IDO services; therefore, their interaction will create the opportunity to launch more powerful projects that have the opportunity to be listed on the MEXC exchange.

MEXC will also benefit greatly from this new interaction with BSCS. Since BSCS is based on BSC, it will better understand and thrive in Binance Smart Chain compared to MEXC. Due to the partnership, other BSC-based projects will understand the MEXC network and can therefore list their tokens on the exchange.

As the MEXC network brings BSCS to the global level, BSCS will help MEXC thrive at the Binance Smart Chain level. Therefore, this partnership has enormous advantages for both sides.

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