Bruce Lee NFT Collection Debuts Today, Courtesy of Pplpleasr


The Bruce Lee Estate has established a new presence for the legendary martial artist, joining forces with Shibuya to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing Bruce Lee.

Quick Takes: 

  • Emily “Pplpleasr” Yang and the Bruce Lee Estate (owned by Bruce Lee’s daughter) created NFTs of Bruce Lee.
  • The NFTs representing the icon became available at 0.008 ETH (around $15) each on Manifold.
  • Manifold’s minting page says the digital assets are the gateway to the “House of Lee”. However, plans for the collectibles are yet to be revealed.

A Digital Martial Arts Journey On-Chain 

Bruce Lee is foraying into the Web3 world with his first-ever NFT release created by the Bruce Lee Estate in partnership with Shibuya. The NFTs became available for sale on the Manifold platform earlier today at 11 am (ET).

Not giving fans much of a heads up about the launch, the Bruce Lee Estate took to Twitter to tease fans about the NFTs yesterday, with a classic video clip of the legend himself turning into an Anime avatar:

Emily “pplpleasr” Yang and Shannon Lee, the daughter of the late martial artist icon and owner of the Bruce Lee Estate, hand-crafted the ‘House of Lee: Genesis’ NFTs’.

As a result, Bruce Lee fans can now buy one of these manually illustrated NFT for just 0.008 ETH each (approximately $15).

Utility Behind ‘House of Lee: Genesis’ NFTs

According to the Manifold mint page, the digital assets are the gateway to the “House of Lee”. However, the Bruce Lee Estate or Shibuya are yet to reveal future plans of the NFTs.

Dynamic NFTs (like these ones) are popular due to being affordable and having gamification and utilization strategies. Typically, they encourage collectors to purchase multiple editions in return for opening rewards.

Moreover, due to Shibuya’s usual production process, Web3 enthusiasts expect Bruce Lee’s assets to open up an original video series. For example, in Shibuya’s first project, NFT holders could pick the following narrative path for its White Rabbit animated series.

Although it is yet to be determined if Shibuya will produce Bruce Lee video content using a similar approach, the chances are high. Nevertheless, it appears that the teaser clip showcasing Bruce Lee’s animation is already enough for fans to press mint.

Alongside being held on fans wallets, these NFTs will also display across numerous billboards in New York this weekend — in light of NFT.NYC.

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