BlackPool (BPT), the Decentralized Fund Operating in the Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) Industry

BlackPool (BPT), the Decentralized Fund Operating in the Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) Industry

Let’s discover BlackPool (BPT), the first decentralized investment fund dedicated to the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), BlackPool manages a range of assets ranging from NFTs from Sorare to Axies from the blockchain game Axie Infinity, not to mention digital art.

What is BlackPool?

Whether through digital artwork, video game items, or football player cards, non-fungible token technology (NFTs) is emerging as a thriving segment of the blockchain industry.

Over the course of 2021, the non-fungible token industry has seen tremendous growth. The sector is mainly driven by the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and the OpenSea platform; many NFT projects have emerged to try to find a place in a bubbling ecosystem.

However, those who have already purchased NFTs know that it is particularly difficult to find the rare pearl, as the offer is so large and good projects drown in the crowd. Moreover, the use of NFTs is no longer confined to simple avatars.

As with traditional collectible coin markets, the highest returns are earned by industry specialists. In the world of NFTs, it is those who have a thorough understanding of the subtleties of each platform and are able to finely analyze the projects that perform best.

In the long term, these people could take over the NFT market and benefit from a preponderant share of the income generated by these unique assets.

It is in this context that BlackPool was born, a decentralized fund operating in the sector of non-fungible tokens. Specifically, BlackPool is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) built solely for NFTs.

BlackPool combines professional data analytics and machine learning to deliver the best returns to its users, for example sourcing rare cards from the blockchain game Sorare.

In practice, BlackPool generates cash and creates wealth for the DAO:

  • taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities between primary and secondary markets lending assets;
  • buying and selling assets based on the news;
  • looking for assets that will appreciate and buying them early;
  • by participating in competitions in blockchain games.

In the future, BlackPool also plans to provide financial derivative products for the NFTs market, including through asset valuation indices, rentals, insurance mechanisms, etc.

As of this writing, BlackPool owns and manages NFTs from numerous projects such as Sorare, Axie Infinity, Cometh, Guild of Guardians, OVR, Decentraland and Aavegotchi.

Created by a team from decentralized finance (DeFi), BlackPool’s long-term goal is to democratize access to the rarest non-fungible tokens, which users may not be able to buy themselves.

This democratization goes hand in hand with the underlying advantages of the rarest NFTs on the market.

Logo of BlackPool (BPT), by Cryptoast

In complete transparency, you can consult on the BlackPool site all the flows of NFTs of the protocol. Whether for the NFTs of Sorare, Axie Infinity, Cometh, Guild of Guardians and all the other projects in which BlackPool participates, everything is publicly visible.

Also, BlackPool regularly publishes reports on its past performance, always as part of its transparency policy.

On the screenshot below, all the information related to BlackPool’s investments in the fantasy football game Sorare is available. Several rare cards, super-rare cards, unique cards, the estimated value of different wallets, reports, a list of NFTs of each manager, everything is there.

BlackPool’s investment metrics in Sorare’s NFTs

The BlackPool ecosystem

The BlackPool Academy

The BlackPool Academy is the gaming arm of BlackPool, where non-fungible Play to Earn gaming tokens are used to generate revenue.

Created to help gamers monetize their game time, the BlackPool Academy runs a huge set of NFTs related to blockchain games like Axie Infinity (AXS). These NFTs can then be used by BlackPool students to generate revenue for themselves and BlackPool.

These students are under the supervision of managers, who are responsible for their selection, training, assignment and distribution of earnings. In this way, the BlackPool Academy minimizes the cost of entry barrier to accessing these return-generating NFTs, in addition to helping many people participate in the “Play to Earn” revolution.

Currently, the BlackPool Academy offers this service for Axie Infinity only through 2 programs.

The first consists of associating a student of the BlackPool Academy with Axie Infinity NFTs held by BlackPool: the Standard AuM (Axies Under Management). With this program, the student has a specific account and generates returns in the form of Small Love Potion (SLP), the tokens earned by playing Axie Infinity.

The second program that BlackPool offers is the BlackPool Academy Scholar Management Services (BPA SMS). Here, it is the owners of NFTs external to BlackPool who leverage the human capital and management resources of the BlackPool Academy to create their own sub-exchange under the management of BlackPool.

In this case, the returns in SLP tokens are divided as follows: 15% for the DAO of BlackPool for the management services, 15% for the owner of the Axie, 10% for the account manager (who is often a student graduate) and 60% for the scholarship holder.

If you hold a collection of Axie Infinity NFTs and want to maximize their return by letting BlackPool manage your assets, you can directly contact the BlackPool teams on their Discord server.

Breakdown of performance of BlackPool Academy scholarship management services

The BlackPool Lab

BlackPool has its own research and development department, the BlackPool Lab. This laboratory provides the community with many tools to participate in BlackPool’s activities, in addition to detailed analyzes of protocols, collections of NFTs and, of course, on the blockchain games where the DAO of BlackPool has invested.

One of the goals of the BlackPool Lab is to build a library of community-powered knowledge while ensuring that it is freely accessible.

Additionally, the BlackPool Lab is the structure through which BlackPool contributors support new members of the community. In principle, the BlackPool website clarifies that “Possible outcomes are either new investments, new teams, new articles/documents or new partnerships. »

Indeed, it is from the BlackPool Lab that investment or subsidy proposals are submitted to a vote by BPT holders.

The BlackPool Incubator

Incorporated within the BlackPool Lab, BlackPool also has an incubator. To contribute to the potential success of future blockchain games, BlackPool’s DAO is able to make decisions regarding NFT projects.

Thus, if a project wishes to get closer to BlackPool, the latter can make proposals, which will be accepted or not by the governance of the protocol. For example, BlackPool’s DAO can validate an investment, such as a purchase of tokens or NFTs related to the requesting project.

In this way, the community decides for itself whether or not a new team should be created for a blockchain game that is not yet included in BlackPool’s investments.

Diagram representing the process of accepting a new investment

BlackPool Teams and Partners


BlackPool being a DAO, some of the contributors are anonymous. However, some of the main members of BlackPool are known.

Founder of Rekt.News and StakeDAO, Julien Bouteloup is also behind BlackPool. French developer recognized in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and entrepreneur Julien Bouteloup also contributes to the development of the Curve Finance protocol.

Responsible for the BlackPool Lab, SamGab develops the community pole of BlackPool.

The former office manager at Kleros, Lola Guérin, discovered BlackPool in March 2021. She now manages BlackPool’s Cometh vertical and contributes to the marketing aspect of the protocol.


In addition to its investment in numerous NFTs projects, BlackPool entered into a collaboration with Aavegotchi in October 2021. Blockchain game developed by Pixelcraft Studios, based in Singapore, Aavegotchi offers its players a metaverse (the Gotchiverse) combining decentralized finance mechanisms and non-fungible tokens.

Subdivided into numerous tokenized lands, BlackPool has allocated nearly $785,000 towards the acquisition of REALM, the lands of the Gotchiverse. Once the Gotchiverse comes into being, BlackPool managers will be able to somehow “farm” resources on their land, namely FOMO, FUD, ALPHA, and KEK.

BlackPool has also acquired a few Gotchis, ghostly avatars needed to interact with the Aavegotchi universe.

How will this partnership benefit the community? 

Part of the revenue that BlackPool will generate via the Gotchiverse will then be returned to BPT token holders.

As of this writing (June, 2022), Aavegotchi is the sole official partner of BlackPool.

What are the Roles of the BPT Token?

Since BlackPool tends to be completely decentralized, both in its investment choices and in the governance of its protocol, the BlackPool Token came into existence in May 2021 with the ticker BPT.

Token ERC-20, the BPT is the element allowing the distribution of the operations of BlackPool. This ensures that no central party is able to make a unilateral decision on how BlackPool evolves.

Currently, the roles of the BPT are quite limited, but these are growing over time. In the near future, BlackPool will redistribute part of the yield of its NFTs to BPT holders.

To date, it is possible to stake BPT tokens and obtain xBPT in exchange, although holders are not yet rewarded for this. However, once yield is in place, those who stake their BPTs will retroactively receive rewards.

By exchanging BPT for xBPT, you will therefore participate in the shared ownership of the NFTs acquired by BlackPool, in addition to benefiting from exclusive services reserved for members of the DAO.

How to Buy BPT?

At the time of writing, the BPT token is not yet available on a centralized platform. Thus, you must have a MetaMask wallet and use a decentralized platform. The BPT has a pool of liquidity on SushiSwap, and the volumes there are sufficient not to suffer from a slippage effect.

However, it is possible that other decentralized platforms have liquidity pools for BPT. In this case, to optimize your transaction, we suggest using ParaSwap. This DEX aggregator will find the best possible path for your transaction on its own, including the one that will cost the least amount of fees.

Explanations for Buying BPT via ParaSwap

  • Go to;
  • Click on “ Connect Wallet ” to connect your MetaMask wallet;
  • In the “ Pay ” tab, choose what you want to exchange BPT for;
  • In the “ Receive ” tab, add the BPT token with this address 0x0ec9f76202a7061eb9b3a7d6b59d36215a7e37da;
  • Click on the “ Swap ” button to verify and confirm your transaction;
  • Finally, click on “ Confirm Order ” to execute the transaction;
  • Congratulations, you are now in possession of BPT tokens.

Ratings and Reviews on BlackPool and its Token

Through its BPT token, BlackPool allows any investor to gain exposure to the rarest and most coveted NFTs. As this universe is still in its infancy, the use cases for BlackPool’s token are limited but should grow rapidly over time.

With the BlackPool Academy and the BlackPool Lab, the decentralized fund is truly seeking to establish itself in a sustainable way in this ecosystem by offering new investment possibilities to its community.

Thus, while the era of “Play to Earn” games have only just begun, BlackPool is already positioning itself as a major player in this field through Axie Infinity and the hundreds of NFTs managed by its community.

To ensure its long-term success and have a constant onboarding of new users, BlackPool will certainly have to export to other emerging and more open blockchains, such as Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) in particular.

The latter is now popular with users aggrieved by paying high fees on Ethereum. Future giants of crypto-gaming and NFTs are already emerging on these blockchains, which is why BlackPool has a definite interest in connecting to it.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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