BitMEX to Introduce 4 New perpetual Trading Pairs for Shiba Inu Ecosystem

Shiba Inu's Journey to 4 Million: A Closer Look at Adoption Trends

Four new perpetual trading pairs, including SHIBUSDT, SHIBUSD, BONEUSDT, etc BONEUSD, will be made available for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem by the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX. Two new perpetual contracts for Shiba Inu have been added to BitMEX, a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform. Users of BitMEX will be able to long or short SHIB with a 33x leverage thanks to this change.

The Shiba Inu Ecosystem’s governance token, Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), has also gained support on BitMEX. Two new perpetual trading pairs, BONEUSDT and BONEUSD, with up to 5x leverage, were introduced by the leading exchange. 

BitMEX, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform for derivatives, was established in 2014. The site offers low-cost access for traders to buy and sell more than 26 cryptocurrencies. Based on daily trading volume, BitMEX is the 39th largest cryptocurrency exchange, according to CoinMarketCap. According to CoinMarketCap data, $942,267 worth of digital assets have been traded between platform users in the last 24 hours. 

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Shibarium Recent Developments

A new utility milestone was reached, surpassing the threshold of 500K transactions, on the recently created Shiba Inu’s L2 blockchain Shibarium just before the development took place. Shibarium’s blockchain explorer just updated its data, showing that the network has now handled 514,576 transactions. Accordingly, the number of distinct wallet addresses linked to Shibarium rose and is currently at 304,045. At the time of publication, the Mainnet has generated 366,079 total blocks, with an average block duration of 5 seconds. 

Shibarium Tech’s official website also says that the Community has staked $28,561,822 ($28.56 million) in BONE, totaling 21,637,744 (21.63 million) BONE.

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