Bitboy’s Shiba Inu Tattoo Promise: If Mentioned in Lawsuit, He Vows to Follow Through

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This month’s reports have emphasized that Bitboy, a well-known crypto content creator on YouTube, has been experiencing difficulties with the Shiba Inu community. The friction has been escalating in recent weeks, leading to verbal confrontations between Bitboy and the lead developer of Shiba Inu.

The famous crypto influencer, Bitboy, has promised to get a tattoo of Shiba Inu if he is still mentioned in the $1 billion class action lawsuit accusing FTX of promoting the crypto token. This statement was made in anticipation of the verdict from the judge, and Bitboy will only follow through with his pledge if he is still named in the lawsuit.

While still commenting on the lawsuit, the influencer noted: 

“Guaranteed. If I end up even on the lawsuit by the time of verdict, I’ll get a SHIB tattoo.” 

Bitboy was recently accused in a class action lawsuit along with other alleged FTX promoters who were accused of not disclosing their compensation for promoting the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange. However, Bitboy has denied these accusations, as stated in a previous report.

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“I never promoted FTX, I also never took any money from FTX, I also have never talked … to anyone from FTX, nor have I talked to anyone representing FTX in any type of marketing deal,” Bitboy said in a March 16 YouTube video.

Additionally, the influencer has declared that the class action lawsuit against him is equivalent to defamation, and he has vowed to retaliate by filing a countersuit.

“I’m looking at the countersuit as an investment,” Bitboy wrote in the thread today, adding, “I will make money on it. Legal fees + more.”

Bitboy has announced that his countersuit will not only be a defense against the current allegations made against him but will also serve as a fight for the entire crypto influencer industry. According to him, his countersuit will set a precedent to safeguard other influencers with limited resources from having to confront similar “frivolous lawsuits.”

Despite his willingness to defend himself in court, Bitboy is aware that his detractors may still accuse him of wrongdoing, even if he is proven innocent. It should be noted that Bitboy has a history of controversy in the cryptocurrency community. He has previously been accused of promoting fraudulent cryptocurrency projects to his over 1 million YouTube subscribers without disclosing the payments he received for doing so.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Bitboy have filed court documents accusing the influencer of engaging in harassment. This accusation follows Bitboy’s social media campaign against the attorneys, specifically Adam Moskowitz, whom he accused of not performing proper due diligence.

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