Bitboy Advises Caution in Crypto Investing: How Many XRP Does it Take to Be a Millionaire?

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Bitboy, a well-known influencer in the cryptocurrency community, recently shared in a video the amount of XRP, which is a token used on the Ripple network, that an investor would need to hold to become a millionaire.

According to Armstrong’s perspective, individuals interested in cryptocurrency should possess 150,000 units of Ripple tokens to attain millionaire status specifically through XRP. As expected, this viewpoint sparked intense discussions and debates within the crypto community, leading to various reactions. 

Some community members took the initiative to conduct polls, aiming to tap into the collective knowledge and wisdom of fellow crypto enthusiasts in order to gain further insights on the subject.

Jenna, a renowned influencer in the XRP community, conducted a poll that garnered a significant response from enthusiastic XRP supporters. Interestingly, the majority of participants in the poll held the belief that attaining millionaire status would require a considerably smaller quantity of XRP units than the previously suggested 150,000 units.

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Furthermore, among the respondents, a noteworthy 62.5% expressed the belief that they would require a quantity of XRP lower than 150,000 units to achieve their millionaire aspirations. Interestingly, the runner-up group, comprising 22.6% of the votes, agreed with the notion that 150,000 units of XRP seemed to be an appropriate figure.

Bitboy Responds

In response to the poll results, Armstrong offered a cautionary statement, emphasizing the significance of adopting a conservative approach.

Bitboy’s remarks were based on his personal estimation that possessing 150,000 XRP tokens would lead to millionaire status. However, in response to the poll outcome, Armstrong issued a warning against being excessively aggressive in making predictions.

 He emphasized the potential negative consequences that can arise from excessive enthusiasm, underscoring the importance of exercising caution and avoiding overzealousness that could potentially harm individuals.

Drawing from the experiences of the previous bullish market cycle, Armstrong highlighted the valuable lessons learned and stressed the significance of adopting a more conservative mindset. 

He further emphasized the potential risks associated with making overly ambitious predictions, cautioning against the development of unrealistic expectations that could potentially harm investors.

He said: “I learned one thing from the last bull run – being more conservative never hurt anyone. Being too aggressive with predictions can hurt people.”

A noteworthy observation is that in order for 150,000 XRP to result in millionaire status, the cryptocurrency would need to be valued above $6.7 per coin. Presently, acquiring 150,000 XRP at the current price of approximately $0.4271 would amount to an investment of around $65,000.

Edward Shares Different View To BitBoy’s Suggestion

Contrasting Bitboy’s perspective, Edward Farina, a crypto enthusiast, expressed an optimistic outlook on XRP. He put forward the belief that achieving financial freedom could be attained by holding a mere 10,000 XRP tokens, in contrast to Bitboy’s suggestion of 150,000 units.

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