BinaryX (BNX) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035 |Is it worth Holding For Long Term?

What is BinaryX (BNX)? - How to Buy and Use It

What is BinaryX (BNX)?

Decentralized derivative trading was the foundation of BinaryX. 

As GameFi gained popularity and interest in the metaverse games grew, the team progressively transitioned from creating centralized video games to creating decentralized ones. 

At this point, they are entirely a GameFi platform offering IGO services to connect Web2 developers to Web3 developers.

Infrastructure assistance, a DAO governance framework, and community building are a few of the services offered by BinaryX to scale innovative game-related businesses and inject additional innovation into the blockchain gaming industry. 

The platform coin for the BinaryX ecosystem, which includes the DAO and all goods and games using $BNX, is called BinaryX (BNX).

Who are the Founders of BinaryX?

The creators of the binary platform are likewise anonymous, just like the creators of the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. 

However, the founders stated that they were a group of technological experts with years of experience in various sectors, including blockchain technology, during an interview with Binance. 

The interview’s specifics indicate that the team is based in China.

What Makes BinaryX Unique?

The BinaryX development team wants to change how gaming is seen in the GameFi market. 

The main goal of BinaryX is to develop a profitable business strategy for our games while expanding the current ecosystem and offering more enjoyable gaming activities.

Two of the most popular games on the BNB Chain were created by BinaryX as a GameFi platform: CyberDragon and CyberArena.

The auto battler strategy game CyberChess, which takes its cues from the game Autochess, was released by BinaryX in September 2022. 

CyberChess represents the shift from play-to-earn to play-and-earn since it has a firmer structure, more playability, and the complete mechanism of any game BinaryX has ever created.

BinaryX is evolving into an IGO platform that offers a full range of solutions to incubate, enable, and empower aspiring GameFi developers further to enhance their value as players in the GameFi sector. 

This manifests in providing better and more specialized resources for project developers facing obstacles. 

As of this writing, BinaryX has recently released SHIT IGO, the first of several IGO projects it will be releasing.

How Many BNX is in Circulation?

There are 2,882,553 BNX coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 21,000,000 BNX coins. The following is how BNX is distributed:

  • Genesis mining reward of 33.33%
  • Initial BNX/BUSD, trading pair liquidity, is 26.67%.
  • Marketing and LP Reward: 30%; 
  • Team: 10%

BinaryX token price Predictions by year 3035

Price predictions table: 2024-2035

YearMax PriceAvg PriceMin PriceDetailed PredictionFactors
2024$10$5$3Detailed Prediction for 2024: In 2024, BinaryX (BNX) could see its maximum price reaching $10 as it establishes itself as a promising blockchain project with innovative features. The average price is expected to stabilize around $5, driven by increasing adoption and positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency community. Despite market fluctuations, the minimum price might remain above $3 due to strong fundamentals.Factors influencing 2024 predictions include: 1. Innovative features of the BinaryX project 2. Adoption growth 3. Positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency community 4. Strong fundamentals 5. Market fluctuations
2025$25$15$8Detailed Prediction for 2025: By 2025, BinaryX’s maximum price could surge to $25 as it gains traction among investors and users seeking a reliable blockchain platform. The average price is projected to be around $15, supported by technological advancements and potential partnerships. Despite occasional market corrections, the minimum price might remain above $8 due to sustained interest.Factors influencing 2025 predictions include: 1. Traction among investors and users 2. Reliability of the BinaryX platform 3. Technological advancements 4. Potential partnerships 5. Market corrections
2030$35$20$18Detailed Prediction for 2030: Looking ahead to 2030, BinaryX’s maximum price may reach $35 as it solidifies its position as a leading blockchain solution provider. The average price is forecasted to stabilize around $20, driven by continued innovation and strategic partnerships. Despite market volatility, the minimum price is expected to remain above $18, reflecting strong investor confidence.Factors influencing 2030 predictions include: 1. Positioning as a leading blockchain solution provider 2. Innovation within the BinaryX ecosystem 3. Strategic partnerships 4. Market volatility 5. Investor confidence
2035$50$30$25Detailed Prediction for 2035: In 2035, BinaryX’s maximum price could potentially reach $50, propelled by widespread adoption across various industries. The average price is expected to stabilize around $30, supported by regulatory clarity and growing mainstream acceptance. Despite market uncertainties, the minimum price might remain above $25 due to robust ecosystem development.Factors influencing 2035 predictions include: 1. Widespread adoption across industries 2. Regulatory clarity 3. Mainstream acceptance 4. Ecosystem development 5. Market uncertainties

These predictions are speculative and subject to change based on various factors such as market dynamics, regulatory developments, technological advancements, and overall sentiment. Investors should conduct thorough research and consider consulting with financial experts before making investment decisions.

How is the BinaryX Network Secured?

The Binance Smart Chain network’s BNX coin was created as a BEP-20 token. The token underwent an examination by Certik, which resulted in a perfect security score of 83. 

The team behind the binary network revealed during an interview with Binance that it deliberately opted to remain on the Binance Smart Chain because of its speed, low expenses, and overall better bandwidth—all of which are regarded as essential for an MMORPG game.

A happy proof-of-stake consensus technique protects the BSC network. Every 24 hours, the system elects 21 validators who approve transactions and preserve the blockchain’s security. 

To qualify for the job, these validators must stake a certain number of BNB tokens on the Binance network.

How can Crypto Investors Use BinaryX (BNX)?

Numerous developments have addressed issues since the discovery of blockchain technology and its multiple applications. 

One of these is the GameFi area, which is its gaming front. The game’s grand boss must be defeated to receive a significant prize that is still unknown. Players can earn tokens by just playing the game.

In the broad cryptocurrency ecosystem, the tokens earned on the platform have value. They can be exchanged for other crypto tokens, which may be converted to fiat currency like USDT.

Where to Buy BNX?

BNX is available on various exchanges, including Binance,, and Mandala Exchange.


  1. Is the BNX cryptocurrency a smart investment?

If you’re looking for a profitable investment in virtual currencies, BNX could be a suitable choice.

  1. Will Binary X (BNX) soon achieve a new high?

Binary X (BNX) has a great chance of attaining its ATH shortly, thanks to ongoing innovations and enhancements inside the Binary X platform.

  1. Can Binary X (BNX) break the $147 barrier?

Binary X (BNX) is one of the active cryptocurrencies that is still bullish. If the bullish trend continues, Binary X (BNX) will reach $147.

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