Binance Smart Chain Welcomes Frenchie Network Project, the Global Token FREN

Binance Smart Chain Welcomes Frenchie Network Project, the Global Token FREN

Frenchie Network is the latest network to launch its project, the global token FREN on the Binance smart chain (BSC) platform.

Frenchie Network Launches on the Binance Smart Chain

The network fee for Ethereum has grown steadily, and there is no decrease in the double-digit level. For example, the average cost of the Ethereum platform as of May 1, 2021, is approximately $11.74. Because of this huge cost, many projects are launching alternative blockchain networks that offer better incentives and Binance Smart Chain has become the platform of choice.

Frenchie Network is a blockchain project that aims to introduce and influence change on a global scale. Hence, it is not a meme-based token but rather aims to build a strong ecosystem with stunning features that sets it apart from other community tokens. The project plans to compete with existing blockchain networks (like the DOGE blockchain) by developing a faster, cheaper, and workable way to make it smarter and has extremely low inflation capabilities, making blockchain innovation in the real economy is made possible.

It is for this reason that Frenchie Network will launch its FREN token, a decentralized digital asset that runs on the Binance smart network. As we all know, BSC’s transaction fees are extremely low at just 1 cent, so FREN users can benefit from affordable transaction costs when trading in the Frenchie Network ecosystem. The FREN token was created using the Solidity and BEP-20 standards and verified by In their report, the top auditors gave the FREN token and Frenchie Farm the green light to continue their business after being given “good security status” by the auditors.

The Frenchie Network team is committed to keeping the platform network secure with decentralized keys. To achieve this goal, every contract is public and 100% open source. The team also deployed separate contracts for various functions, including farming and governance.

Frenchie Ecosystem

True to its commitment to not only bringing about change in the blockchain and financial world, but Frenchie Network is also building a strong ecosystem with the following products and services.

Liquidity Provider

FREN token users and holders have the opportunity to invest money by participating in the Frenchie Network’s farming activities. Users interested in becoming liquidity providers can rely on their LP tokens and receive rewards every day. The process is simple. Interested parties must access the network’s 1-inch liquidity pool and deposit the priority amount in BNB + FREN tokens. This is an opportunity to earn more FREN tokens. crypto enthusiasts interested in Frenchie farming will want to get out without hesitation and benefit from the generosity of the platform with a daily reward of 144 million FREN. It is expected to run for 3 months. The APY of Frenchie farming cannot be overlooked at 400% to 500%.

Frenchie Network to Join the NFT Market

As a strategy to add more utility to the FREN token, Frenchie Network is also entering the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. This project is aimed at game artists, 3D designers, and AAA graphic designers. Other merchandise for sale in the official store includes physical items such as baseball caps, hats, stickers, and t-shirts.

FrenDAO: Frenchie Network Pinnacle 

The peak of the decentralization of the French network is reached with the development of FrenDAO. The decentralized autonomous organization will be the key for the Frenchie community to participate in polls that vote according to the interests of each user on the network to influence decisions, e.g Changes in the Frenchie token contract parameters in the future.


The network initial supply is 1 trillion, current supply is 800 Trillion (80%), total burn is 200 trillion (20%), tokens to Burn is 50 Trillion (5%) and locked liquidity is 250 trillion (25%).

Overall, the determined Frenchie network is taking on the task of reshaping the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The project only lasted a week and achieved many successes including Trust Wallet, Coin Watch and Delta App. Frenchie Network undoubtedly benefited from Spiry Capital’s valuable market ideas. The founder has extensive knowledge of network security spanning 10 years and now has 6 years in the blockchain and crypto industry. Working with other like-minded and entertainment-loving developers, Frenchie Network is rebuilding existing crypto and blockchain projects.

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