Binance Smart Chain Welcomes Binamon, NFT Digital Game Monsters

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Binamon is an NFT and blockchain-powered game meta world where users can enjoy the fun of collecting digital monsters and use them to have fun in Battle Royale. In contrast to the collectable card games’ norm of leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Binamons is now live on the Binance Smart Chain.

The platform has several admirable game modes including binary collection, combat rounds, and multiplayer games. In addition, users can use their NFT binamons for coveted returns. Using NFT to play games on blockchain technology has never been more fun and easier than using Binamon.

The Binamon universe has its native token, the $BMON BEP-20 token. Mining $BMON generates BEP 721 NFT Binamon that players can battle with through smart contracts called boosters.

Meta-universe of Digital Monsters

NFT Binamons live on the Binance Smart Chain and are digital monsters with different characteristics, including attacks, elements, professions and instincts. Each Binamon character has its own strength and flexibility in the game. In addition, these properties determine the intrinsic value and market value of the digital monster.

The game Binamon uses the AI ​​graphics technology from Epic Games, the Unreal Engine. Hardcore gamers who admit this engine are very familiar with games like Fortnite, The Last of Us II, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Street Fighter V, and Final Fantasy VII (Remake).

Binamon’s mobile application provides players with a digital wallet to store their BMON tokens. The wallet offers a P2P market for investors who like to trade their tokens in Metaverse. You can also use the mobile app to monitor the number of your tokens instead of leaving a $BMON transaction.

Battle with NFT Binamons Users and earn $BMON

As mentioned earlier, these NFTs are obtained by minting $BMON tokens. This process creates three binary groups that differ in strength and properties. The calculus of probability is the key factor in separating the features of the binary group after the casting process is complete.

You can use your $BMON tokens to battle other users in a winner-takes-all battle mode. If the smart contract is monitoring the game, a small portion of the tokens will be burned during the game. If you’re worried that you can’t beat your weight class, don’t panic, the game is built with two tuples from the same category.

Binamon Tokenomics

Since the platform runs on BSC, the token distribution method is broken down below;

  • Token Ticker- $BMON
  • Total $BMON supply- 300 Million
  • The initial number of $BMON in circulation- 150 Million
  • Initial Market Capitalization- 7500 BNB
  • Total Market Cap(Diluted)- 15000 BNB
  • Seed Round Participation totals- 1500 BNB
  • Presale Participation totals- 2500 BNB

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