Binance Offers Tokenized Stocks for MicroStrategy, Apple, and Microsoft

Binance Offers Tokenized Stocks for MicroStrategy, Apple, and Microsoft

After Tesla and Coinbase, it is the turn of the shares of MicroStrategy, Apple and Microsoft to be available in tokenized form on Binance

Binance offering tokenized shares for MicroStrategy, Apple and Microsoft

Binance announced this new addition of tokenized shares via a statement released today . They will be available against BUSD, Binance’s native stablecoin.

MicroStrategy’s tokenized share (MSTR / BUSD), is available today on the platform. Apple’s (AAPL / BUSD) will be available to the public from April 28, and Microsoft’s (MSFT / BUSD) will follow on April 30.

This pushes the number of tokenized shares available on Binance to 5. The company began by tokenizing Tesla’s stock earlier this month , before moving on to Coinbase, which recently went public.

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More tokenized stocks to come?

As Binance recalls, these tokenized shares are the result of a partnership with CM-Equity AG, a German investment firm. Binance does not specify which new tokenized stocks will be offered to investors, however explaining: “Binance will monitor market demand and consider providing a channel to offer more tokenized stocks issued and sold by CM-E. “

The platform has not yet communicated the demand for these new assets. But the particularly high rate at which Binance is offering new tokenized stocks gives a clue to their success. The exchange, therefore, confirms once again that it wishes to maintain its position as a world leader and to create ever more bridges between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.

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