Bible Verse found on the Bitcoin blockchain 666,666

Why has Bitcoin's (BTC) dominance fallen below 50%?

A transaction discovered today on the Bitcoin blockchain 666,666 contains a surprising quote from a book in the Bible. The hidden news was discovered from the Romans’ Bible books, Book 45 of the Bible and Book 6 of the New Testament, which were first discovered by IT professionals and bitcoin hackers @emzy.

The message said, ” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good – Romans 12:21.”

The transaction contained in this block transferred approximately 864,200 satoshis worth approximately $320, was split into two equal parts, and sent to two different addresses.

With the two Bitcoin addresses to which these coins were transferred, it should be noted that both characters are found in the Bible. The first characters of these two addresses contain the words “God” and “Bible” respectively.

Another interesting feature of transactions is the transfer fees. The sender paid a total of 135,800 satoshi worth more than $50, which is more than the average handling fee.

Hence, it can be concluded that the person who initiated this transaction (including the hidden message in the Bible) intends to add the transaction to that particular block (block 666,666).

Some of the Bitcoin blockchain discovetries

This is not the first time that hidden messages have been discovered in Bitcoin transactions. While none of these messages are as surprising as biblical quotes, there are very few such hidden messages on the blockchain.

In early July 2020, some hidden messages were discovered in the transaction related to the infamous Bitcoin Twitter hack.

The biblical message appeared along with other historical and memorable information contained in other Bitcoin transactions. The best known author to date is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the asset.

It was included in the first Bitcoin transaction (or “Genesis” block) which was the headline of an English newspaper describing the financial crisis at the time. “The Times, Jan. 3, 2009, is about to launch its second bank bailout.”

At the same time, Bitcoin is not just a historical commentary. Last year, a European recorded the birth of their child on Bitcoin, and in 2014 the first wedding was recorded on the blockchain.

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