List of 5 Best Zcash Wallet for Mining and Features 2022

Using an advanced cryptographic strategy well-known as Zero-knowledge proof, Zcash makes use of a technical medium in ensuring the validity of transactions without always revealing additional private information of holders.

Zcash (ZEC) is a crypto coin that very much provides a well selective means of transparency in transactions while also offering a high privacy intended function to prevent exposure of additional contents.

The Zcash is an open-source coin and does offer a transparent address that is visible to anyone you would be making a transaction with and also a shielded address which is a bit more private. This is done to ensure a very strong privacy feature in a bid to make transactions a lot more secure to conduct.

But of what use is a coin so heavily built if it doesn’t still have a secure place to save it in?

Recently, we now live in a world where that which seems private is even more public and can be everywhere in a matter of seconds. So also cryptocurrency details. This, however, provides a need for a secure wallet to store these coins in.

Do keep in mind that your cryptocurrency wallet can mostly be likened to your bank account, therefore you would be needing to take extra care with your seed words, passwords that do provide access to your assets storage.

Most wallets to be listed in this article are free to download. But if you feel not too convinced enough about a wallet feature, you can always make do with another. Still, experiment with little before you commit.

Quickly, in this guide, we will take you on a detailed review of the best Zcash wallets in which you can easily store your Zcash. Also, some factors about choosing the most reliable out of many will be very much discussed in a more comprehensive term.

Best Zcash wallet for mining

The rate at which cyber-attacks are commonly launched at physical money paved way for the introduction of digital currencies to the world at large. These digital assets are commonly referred to as cryptocurrencies and all transactions conducted are usually documented through cryptography.

That is the use of the blockchain network. These crypto coins are built on various blockchain networks that are well decentralized and can allow the free flow of transactions without a third party getting involved.

Banks in this case are intermediaries that act as centralized systems that monitor how your money goes in and out.

However, with the introduction of digital currencies, they have slowly been cut off the money chain and the increasing and constant usage of digital currencies have started threatening the existence of physical banknotes in many countries. Hence, prompting many countries across the globe to impose bans on these.

Zcash is one of a kind whenever we refer to digital assets you can always trade-in the financial market. And talking about mining, you can easily mine for these digital pieces making use of mining software and a mining rig.

You can also always exchange them for bitcoins since they are one easy way you can slowly build up your Bitcoin holdings.

However, let’s take you on a quick review of the best Zcash wallet you can always use for your minings.

  • Ledger Nano S

The Ledger hardware is one of the world’s well-known hardware crypto coin wallets. This is as a result of it giving various holders of large amounts of crypto coins a very secure environment where they can easily store their assets with no or less vulnerability.

You have lots of Zcash in your possession and don’t still know where you can safely store them, then the Ledger Nano S is majorly for you.

This hardware is just a saving grace whenever we need to make transactions that do involve hundreds and millions of dollars in account. It captions an OLED display that shows lists of every transaction made but with a button designed to be on the side of the wallet used in affirming transactions.

This helps ensure optimum security and allows for controlled privacy.

With the Ledger Nano S, you are in control of your funds. This can however help distance cyber hackers from your assets since they will always need a button on the device to complete transactions if at all they manage to access your coins online.

Also, while making transactions using the Nano S, you tend to get different interfaces for completing transactions for different crypto coins to prevent errors while doing so.

There are various series that accompanies the Nano S series, however, you are advised to make your research before ever committing to any wallet.


  • Jaxx

Jaxx has a multi-currency wallet feature that allows you to reserve different crypto coins all in one place.

This, however, makes it more possible and easy for people who own different cryptocurrencies to store all of their assets in just one wallet. Otherwise, they would have needed an individual wallet for each crypto coin.

Also, you can always exchange your coins for another with its inbuilt API  ShapeShift which is a third-party exchanging service that allows various crypto traders to exchange a coin for another. One intriguing feature Zcash holders can always make use of.

One major aspect that easily tells if a wallet is of more importance or less is its user-friendliness with its various users.

The Jaxx wallet is designed to have one of the easiest and efficient user-interface available on the platform. It is easy to navigate through and can always give beginners an insight into how to go about buying and selling coins.


  • Atomic 

The Atomic wallet is a free wallet that can be used to store various cryptocurrencies including Zcash.

It has a unique quality of being sought-after mostly by newbies in the markets. It does enable users to always purchase coins even if they are out of digital assets.

The Atomic wallet also permits the storage of different cryptocurrencies while also supporting compatibility with various operating systems.

It is a decentralized exchange network intended for different major cryptocurrencies and can sustain over four hundred coins plus tokens included built on various blockchain networks.

It easily features an innovative smart contract that is rendered by Atomic swap. With this, the user can easily exchange his single crypto coin with another without any intermediary included or notified.

Atomic if it strikes your desire can either be accessed through the application feature or download the software through the website on your device.


  • Zecwallet Lite

Comprising of a shielded and transparent address, the Zecwallet lite is a fully-featured shielded wallet for Zcash and does support outgoing and incoming t-addresses as well as z-addresses.

The wallet is a very sleek one in terms of being well-rounded in ensuring the privacy of consumers and total security of their private assets.

On the Zecwallet lite, you can not rotate transparent addresses if your only intention is just to use them once. 

It is also an android companion application as you can easily connect your wallet to your android phone and still send and receive shielded transactions from your mobile.

This wallet is also very much encrypted in a bid to protect your wallet from hacks. Still, Zecwallet Lite uses Viewkeys to synchronize the chain to very much keep your assets safe.


  • Coinomi

With the sign-up easy and the interface simple, Coinomi is one of a kind when looking to make use of any reliable wallet out there.

It is a well-known multi-currency wallet that can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. It does this by allowing for the sending and receiving of lots of crypto coins through its desktop and mobile apps available for Android, IOS, and all major desktop platforms.

Using the Coinomi application does come with various features and advantages such as privacy.

Coinomi treats users’ privacy with optimum measures and this is done by disallowing the use of KYC for verification, IP association, transactions tracking as well as identity linking. These all are usually put in place to ensure your private transactions are well maintained.

This wallet also allows for exchange within the wallet without having to consult other swapping platforms to get your coins swapped into another. This is done mostly through the integration of crypto services like Changelly and Coinswitch.

Also, it does support the Zcash cryptocurrency, as well as many other crypto coins including Bitcoins and also tokens.

The user-friendliness of this Zcash wallet is also one of a kind as it is added together with a strict mode of security making Coinomi a great choice by most cryptocurrency traders.


Things to Consider When Looking to Choose a Zcash Wallet for Mining

Before you ever embark on a journey, you need to be quite aware of your destination as this is a more candid reason you need to be intentional and more concerned about selecting the lost reliable wallet out of a lot of options.

Do know there are various means or mediums you can use to store your digital asset, in this case, Zcash.

The hardware medium represents a large storage portfolio and more privacy and security options that can help in safeguarding your assets and also the online medium where you can always perform transactions, trade, buy as well as also sell coins.

Quickly, here are things to always consider when selecting a Zcash wallet.

  • Non-stop Upgrades

This is a very important aspect of every technological utility. 

You should be aware and well informed if a wallet is often upgraded or not as this will always give you an edge over what you are dealing with.

Any wallet you would be making use of should always remain updated as this can easily tell the efficiency and good continuity of an application than one which does not receive updates constantly.

Also, this will ensure the wallet is well secured and very much optimized in a bid to remove any likely hacks or exploits the wallet can suddenly be subjected to.


  • User-friendly

This is also an important feature to consider for people just new to wallets selection. B

Not all wallets can give you your preferred interface as some are designed for mainly professional traders. But above are wallets you can select just for their user-friendly interface and easiness of interacting with.


  • Different Crypto Coins

A lot of exchanging platforms and wallets will always allow for many different coins to be stored in them but not usually as much as those stored in hardware mediums.

One thing you need to get familiar with if you would be working with a wallet is to be very much aware of its support system i.e cryptocurrency support.

Not all wallets are built to be able to hold different coins. Some a few, while others as much as they can take. It all depends on the intended feature of a wallet system.

So always be well informed about a wallet and check to see if ZEC is listed and can be traded on the platform.


  • Technology

Open source wallets do always allow third parties to review their code in totality, meaning if there is a drawback, then it will be widely publicized. Regardless, some are not open source and are usually kept private.

But with that well said, how well do they help to keep the private keys of existing users safe, or do they have it there on their applications. What of the 2-factor authentication? How well does it help prevent cyber theft?

What mode of transaction does this wallet offer? Does it have a QR scanner or just long addresses to deal with?

These are a few questions to ask oneself when seeking to select a wallet.


  • Backup Features

A proper backup mechanism will be your go-to option when things get out of hand and you are desperately needing to recover your assets back.

Seed words for example are one great method these companies do use in backing up offline wallets and as well as online ones. But do know whenever you lose the seed coins, you lose your digital assets.


  • Customer Support

How well customer support gets back to users do tell how efficient this wallet’s developers and system are and by so doing, they tend to retain as many customers for themselves since their services are top-notch and are of good performance.

Some wallets also do make use of bots to help people maneuver their way around the application and also profer solutions based on problems experienced by users.



We hope we’ve been able to meet up with your desires with a list of efficient Zcash wallets mentioned above, we hope it does offer much value as intended.

What other wallets do you think are more reliable and do function close to those listed above, then kindly do well to air your views by using the recommendation box.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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