List of 5 Best USDT Wallet, Features and Benefits In 2022

Are you looking for the best USDT wallets you can easily use to store your tether assets to gain value, send money or pay all without hiccups, then you are in the right place if you are reading this right now.

The best Tether wallet will require some intense research since we are dealing with valuables here and by this, we do encourage various users to choose based on what suit their trading style.

And talking of style, we mean the different USDT tokens available for trading. While Tether was launched back then in 1914, the first Tether tokens were launched on the Bitcoin decentralized network using the Omni Layer Protocol. 

Presently, there are two additional tokens built on an entirely different blockchain (TRON and (ERC-20) making depositing in various wallets spread across the financial market now a tough thing to do.

Depositing tether built on the TRON-based blockchain in a wallet only compatible with the ERC20 network can easily result in loss of assets. Hence, it is advisable to know your coin.

However, there is a solution. But all you need right now is to read till the end to catch a glimpse of what you should always consider while seeking out to choose a wallet that can safely store your valuables.

Read on.

List of 5 Best USDT Wallet, Features and Benefits In 2022

Tether, widely known as USDT is a stable coin cryptocurrency designed to be equivalent to a dollar.

It is known as a stable coin since they are always seen as a refuge by financial traders who are always wanting to evade periods the market seems to be a lot volatile. 

They are usually an incredible way traders do hold onto their gains without first converting to fiat. Tether is however a very important digital asset to most traders because it presents them with both stability of dollar and flexibility of digital assets.

But before we move into the list of USDT wallets available, you well need to be quite informed of the type of Tether tokens you are holding on to or will be depositing.

Launched in 2014, Tether according to claims, do convert cash into digital assets and unlike other coins, tends to be backed up by USD.

Tether launched the Bitcoin blockchain using the Omni Layer Protocol back then when USDT was launched but in January 2018, also launched a token built on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token presenting the masses with different Tether tokens to work with.

Quickly, let’s go on to see some of the best Tether wallets you can easily put your assets into. Mind you, you are advised to choose based on your research. 

Crypto wallet

CryptoWallet, thanks to its incredible features packs in great facets like a debit card, an inbuilt exchange, an IBAN, and outstanding customer care.

It is designed for people to easily have full access to features that can make transactions worthwhile. It is a free application but with an advanced security feature such as a 2-factor authentication even after the wallet password has been input.

It is a wallet you can make use of to store different crypto coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and as well as Tether. You can also trade your USDT-ERC20 using its in-app exchange platform and also buy coins with pounds and euro fiat currencies.

It is a lot easy to use as navigation through the application when creating an account is also an added feature to make use of this Tether wallet.

An incredible asset contained on this platform is the debit card you can always order from CryptoWallet with which you can always spend your USDT and other cryptocurrencies on any online store you might be transacting with.

Users can also make bank transfers and bill payments through the CryptoWallet debit card.

MyEther wallet

MyEtherWallet is designed to feature both a mobile and desktop version which is a great option to deal with you can easily access your assets from either mobile or your laptops.

As mentioned below, there are various ways you can make use of to store your digital assets, one of which is a hardware store that is offline. This is to ensure optimum privacy and security of funds.

However, this wallet has been developed to support hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor while also giving the user an option to freely audit all with the help of the wallet’s open-source code.

Not only can it only store USDT, but also Ethereum. More or less of where it got its name from. You can only make use of these wallets if and only if you have USDT built solely on the ERC-20 blockchain network.

It is a free network to use for depositing and making transactions and also is the most well-known ERC-20 and Etherrum wallet available for download.

If you are looking to get a good wallet for safely securing your funds, then you can easily make use of MyEther wallet with its friendly interface, hardware storage support system, and optimum privacy.

Omni wallet

OmniWallet is a non-custodial web wallet, so you wouldn’t be needing to download its application.

It is designed to give various USDT-Omni coin holders a chance to trade whenever the market seems quite unstable.

The Omni wallet is built majorly on the Omni blockchain network and is done essentially to give Tether support. It is also a free wallet to make use of and do present users with the ability to control their private keys 


This platform is offered as a solution by the centralized cryptocurrency exchange, Binance to deposit, trade, buy and sell crypto coins all around the world.

It is a free web and mobile-based wallet and it does support and accept USDT-Omni and USDT-ERC20 from holders with that kind of coin.

Exodus wallet

Unlike most similar wallets, this one’s interface is quite simple and easy to navigate through as individuals new to trading can easily make use of its great system.

Its system supports users to keep multiple crypto coins on its network without much hassle as it provides you with the necessary tool you need to make trades successfully.

This one, however, is a desktop wallet and does store private keys on an individual’s computer system only i.e it is not intended for external servers.

Also, making use of the Exodus wallet does not require deposit it withdrawal fees. They only charge for mining transactions as the case may be.

Exodus also can be used to store your Tether coins as well as converting into another coin using its inbuilt exchange platform. It is mainly done using the ShapeShift and Changelly integration of the wallet which in turn makes it safer than making use of a centralized network.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Best USDT Wallet

Yes, Tether can be hosted on a whole number of different networks. However, the most important aspect is that not all wallets can accept a number currencies. Certain wallets dwell more on supporting only one type of USDT which can be quite detrimental for a newbie in the market.

The best practice for this nonetheless, is to make research on the different available Tether wallets around ad well as their features and setbacks to be informed of what resources will be the most useful for your needs.

Our list above however accounts for this as you can always make an impressive decision on what wallet will hold your Tether coin.

  • Do Always Consider This!

Choosing an efficient Tether wallet might not be tough but tricky since USDT is minted on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token as well as on Bitcoin using the Omni Layer Protocol.

This, therefore, do require you to select based on an option that easily fits into your demands. You should now especially pay rapt attention to factors like the number of supported coins, available trading tools, type of storage, and as well safety facets.

  • Type of storage

The three most well-known wallet storage types include the cold, online, and hardware storage types.

The hardware wallet is the most reliable and pro-efficient option to go for if you need privacy and optimum security. It is very fast and easy to use presenting easy access to your funds while offering high-level protection.

Another is the cold and the online storage. They are both durable means of storing digital assets but storing using online storage proves to be the least safe since you are prone to release your seed works mistakenly.

However, it is more convenient to use since it can easily provide access to cryptocurrency from any device across the world.

So a pro tip will be for you to carefully consider your demands before selecting a storage option for your assets 

  • Ensure confidentiality

A Tether wallet is a software built on a blockchain network and does allow safe storing of digital assets which can only be accessed by a private key and a public key. They both allow you to access your account and funds respectively.

The private key is quite synonymous with a password while the public looks like an account number though will have a combination of both letters and numbers and will always conform to the type of wallet you settle for.

However, privacy in this present world seems not to be so private as mistakes can always occur. It is for this reason you go for Tether wallet that can help you recover your lost password through mails or phone numbers only registered to your data.

Also, a two-factor authentication feature is an added feature for optimum security but still do always do well in ensuring your private keys are kept away from the public and put away safely.

  • Wallet type

As mentioned earlier, be well informed of the type of blockchain you are dealing with if at all you decide to go for any. It is, therefore, a necessary prerequisite in ensuring you do not lose your digital valuables.

Also, blockchain transactions are not reversible. You enter the wrong address, you lose your assets.

So to prevent loss of any kind, also ensure that you’ve entered the exact address before sending off funds.

  • Ease of use

How easy were you able to navigate through the application as a newbie? Do you find it confusing or very easy in navigating around?

Though not necessary to some but still a critical aspect to deal with especially for traders new to the market. So do always look toward a wallet with a straightforward user interface.

  • Customer support 

How well a wallet’s customer support very much helps people fix their problems do raise their stars and positive feedback while laying a platform for other individuals to come on board.

Most applications now make use of a bot where you can type in your problem and which instantly will proper you solutions or direct you to the company’s customer care line.

This is also a good factor to consider while seeking to choose a durable wallet to store your funds. You can easily get all of these from other people’s reviews and feedbacks.

  • Ongoing development 

Do make your research to find out if the wallet is constantly being developed and improved with new technological features or not.

It will go a long way to be on the safe side if the wallet just ceases to function.


The best Tether wallet is not necessarily the best but it’s the ability to provide its users with high and optimum security, a compatibility feature with other crypto coins, productiveness outside of just being used for storing coins, and as well an easy to use user interface.

These are but a few necessary things to always consider as a user before using any.

Conclusively, we would advise you to make your research before committing to any but above is a list you can make use of any time, any day.

Do you have any other recommendations as regards efficient crypto wallets people can easily make use of? Then kindly make use of the comment section to air your view.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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