6 Best Polygon Wallet MATIC for US Residents and Others

Polygon as a protocol aims to create, issue, and regulate digital securities on the blockchain network. Well-known as MATIC, Polygon’s main objective is to easily supersede Ethereum’s high gas structure and scalability topics to ensure transaction speed.

Etheruem, the second popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, has birthed various operational problems that have proved to be not too ideal for many traders of these cryptocurrencies.

Issues with higher transaction costs and transaction speed have been a significant problem since Ethereum has been the primary focus in the past few years. 

Various decentralized platforms have been heavily focused on the Ethereum blockchain, the introduction of virtual worlds, play to earn, and buying arts, i.e., NFTs, while participating in a range of blockchain financial services.

However, these activities create a high workload on its blockchain and have made this currency almost unstable due to the high number of users and the cost of transmission.

This consequently paves the way for individuals to profer a solution in overcoming Ethereum’s scalability problems and its high fee network.

Polygon, however, aims to ensure a moderate reduction in the cost of completing transactions on blockchain networks and provides multiple tools like its geometric namesake, i.e., having many shapes, sizes, and uses, and promising a much simpler framework to work with between incorporated networks.

Typically, Coinbase and Binance are the most widely entrusted crypto exchanges online. That is, a more secure place to sell and buy MATIC, otherwise known as Polygon.

However, the next question is where you can efficiently store your MATIC coins safely whenever you seek to use popular Polygon wallets.

Read on.

Best Polygon wallet

You should be informed of lots of wallets you can easily use when seeking to store the MATIC coin.

Polygon typically does not have a wallet native to it. Still, you can always choose credible ones where you can safely put away your MATIC coins for optimum safety and trusted privacy.

Today you can easily make do with either hardware or software wallets, depending on your choices. Still, here are the top six MATIC wallets listed below:


One major drawback you might not want to go for a wallet this popular is its transaction fees. 

Apart from that, this cryptocurrency wallet proves to be very efficient, just like other platforms offering both existing and new ones the ability to buy, sell, and exchange more than a hundred crypto coins to their preferred currency.

Moreover, it is a lot easy for newbies to interact with. The main website and application present users with a straightforward user interface, making it not too confusing for many individuals to navigate their ways around.

In short, if you are looking to make do with an excellent choice of wallet, Coinbase is a reliable option you can always go for. Coinbase also supports many crypto coins, including MATIC, in its decentralized network, but as of now, it can very much support over a hundred cryptocurrencies for trading and exchanging.

And talking about exchanging cryptocurrencies, Coinbase offers a Pro edition known as Coinbaae Pro. It allows users interested in actively trading cryptocurrency with a lower charge rate while also providing additional tools, statistics, and reports that seem beneficial to traders.

Also, you can make use of either its web-based feature or just download the already developed app for your use.

It is pretty easy to use, provides educational tools for trading the market while also ensuring strong safety measures to help prevent loss of digital assets.


AlphaWallet is a basic decentralized application intended for users to use and also leverage blockchain network and tokenization much faster in half the costs and time of other viable solutions.

It is designed to give you a ready-to-use white-label result with which you can easily brand to your choice or specifications.

This wallet is also designed to have a fundamental and straightforward user interface, so you shouldn’t panic about reading charts that are not self-explaining every time you log in to your wallet.

AlphaWallet only accepts importing through private critical, meaning deviation paths that may come up are ignored and entirely rejected. It is also production-ready and is easy to modify all to your taste.

Similarly, AlphaWallet is fully decentralized as no third party is usually involved in transactions conducted while also ensuring complete documentation and open source support.


The Trezor is one reliable hardware wallet you can use in storing all of your digital assets. Asides, it is designed with a top-notch security feature that makes it very much simple to use while providing productive updates and support.

In here, you don’t need a passphrase or long private keys before you can log on to your wallet. Using the Trezor wallet, you use buttons to input your secret word (pin code), and you are logged in immediately.

This is a very viable device cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use as you can also store a large number of different coins into this hardware without worrying about hacks or total loss.

A more reliable feature of the Trezor is its regular updates and development. It also features a top-notch security characteristic and as well a backup and recovery channel.

Still worried about theft and incessant hacks, the Trezor has an inbuilt network that rejects forceful intrusion into private assets. The higher the number of guesses, the higher the time in between the guesses is brought up by a power of two.

This proves to be an effective way to store all your digital assets, including MATIC, without worrying about theft.

If you’ve forgotten your pin code, you can always make do with the unique seed word assigned to you. This is mostly used for offline recovery.

Atomic Wallet

The Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet available for most users with the help of their mobile phones. It is designed to be fully IOS and android compatible while helping buy and sell MATIC count and even staking other cryptocurrency tokens.

This, however, means that you can always leverage your assets and receive rewards and tokens excluding fees.

A new feature known as Atomic Swaps enables users to swap all forms of digital assets seamlessly.

It is a fully decentralized crypto wallet and exchange platform that fully supports over five hundred tokens and coins.

Atomic Wallet is very productive for newbies since it’s free and can easily allow for cryptocurrency sale and transfer through the Atomic Wallet even if they don’t possess cryptocurrencies.

This is not too feasible in some wallets as they will always require you to purchase assets through an exchange party and send them to the wallet before you can start exchanging them. This, however, is made possible through the Atomic Swap initiated within the app.

A quick one about this wallet efficient feature is its coin, cost, and token support. Apart from network transaction costs, it is a free wallet to use for everyone.

Trust wallet

Trust Wallet is designed to be a cryptocurrency wallet that supports over a hundred and sixty Crypto coins while enabling users to stake up their coins to gather interest easily.

The Trust Wallet is one decentralized platform many traders will readily refer you to whenever you need to store your digital assets.

It features a Web3 browser that helps users gain access to various DApps built on the Ethereum platform. It was typically developed to carry ERC20 AND ERC223 assets but later turned into one that can store other cryptocurrencies built on different blockchain networks.

Today, Bitcoin, Dodge coin, Shiba, all from different blockchains, can conveniently be stored in the Trust wallet and done with all rest of the mind.

Though not reliable as hardware wallets are, Trust wallets also tend to find a lasting solution to lost accounts or stolen digital assets.

The issue of backup in this system help provide a 12-word recovery term where users receive one of these phrases that they ought to store safely while setting up their wallet address.

Apart from selling and buying Matic, Trust also offers a stake of currencies, investing in non-fungible tokens while providing a default language native to every country.

This is a reliable wallet to use with access to various exchanging platforms on its Web3 browser.

MyEther Wallet

MyEther Wallet is an open-source program that is easily accessible from most desktops and mobile devices.

It allows cryptocurrency users to retrieve and store their coins until they wish to release them in the market.

MyEther wallet is also unique in its existence as it offers something a bit different from other platforms. MEW, as commonly known, is completely free, user-friendly with a client-side interface that allows crypto traders to interact with the Ethereum blockchain network while generating their online crypto-wallets.

One feature common to MEW is the term paper wallet given to it just because its private key is well stored offline and will always require holders of a particular coin to print the key on a paper and store it away in a safe place.

MyEther duly removes the risk of storing cryptocurrencies in online wallets, though provoked the question of how safe it is to hold assets on a personal computer (PC).

Moreover, it is not an exchanging platform but only a blockchain where various crypto holders can generate keys required to store, buy, sell, and conduct transactions of coins and tokens.

In terms of safety, nevertheless, if you don’t take not rod the main web address by using the “HTTPS” protocol rather than ” HTTP,” it can cost one his digital assets if not easily managed. These are just a few downsides MEW can have.

The Operating Nature of Polygon

Polygon architectural framework comprises a multi-level platform to help ensure the efficiency of Ethereums scalability feature.

All thanks to its Proof of Stake (PoS) sidechain( (aside chain intended for network participants to stake MATIC tokens for transaction validation as well as vote on upgrades in the network), its speed and capability features have been a lot maintained for proper productiveness.

What are Sidechains

A side chain is a semi-independent blockchain network that works in pair with the main chain, especially increasing its speed capacity.

It also has two main layers. That is Polygon’s network layer which is the sole ecosystem of decentralized networks built on the Polygon. However, the second is the polygons ethereun Virtual Machine (EVM) execution used mainly for implementing smart contracts.

Still, side chains are built using either Plasma chains, Optimistic Rollups, zk-Rollups, etc.

Things to Consider in Selecting a Polygon Wallet 

  • Technological Mode

Open source wallets will allow 3rd-party to review their code to check for faults and then make it reported widely.

Also, most conventional crypto users do not usually feel secure with wallets with proprietary codes, and they can’t always see what’s going on under the hood.

That is, your private keys, how are they stored? Two-factor authentication is also a significant factor to always consider.


  • Multiple Crypto coins

We are dealing with Polygon here, and it seems to be a new solution to the ever congested Ethereun wallet. However, you need to be aware of platforms that support this protocol and the Matic coin if you will need to deposit if the need arises.

Most platforms are built to only house a cryptocurrency, but you can be well informed of platforms that can very much hold over 100 crypto coins with efficient research.


  • Backup System

Before you ever commit to any wallet, be always sure such a platform has a proper backup mechanism if data are suddenly lost.

Some proper backup mechanism well utilized by many platforms is though providing users with private keys, seed words, etc. This helps prevent the total loss of important data.



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