List of 4 Best Litecoin Wallet for Android, iOS and Desktop 2022

A wallet is a software program intended to serve the purpose of storing cryptocurrencies. This can however be a web-based application or an offline mobile application. The main idea is just to ensure the safekeeping of digital assets.

Assets in this case Litecoin.

The litecoin is one of the many available cryptocurrencies that is decentralized through a blockchain network, uses a P2P mechanism, and is used globally to either pay for or buy items on the internet.

Also, litecoin does offer complete control over the financial status by the user aiding enhanced security. This high-end enhancement however also accounts for its fast transactions and efficiency.

Storing litecoin in a wallet will always ensure you are using a wallet that has the coin amidst its collection. Though presently now, litecoin seems to be well-known all over the globe, and most cryptocurrency wallets are developed to be very much compatible with it.

However, let’s bring to you a few litecoin wallets you can store your valuables in and well can be easily accessed on your mobiles, laptops, and desktop devices.

Read on.

List of 4 Best Litecoin Wallet for Android, iOS and Desktop 2022

Litecoin just like bitcoin is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and due to its very predictable nature has also joined the list of top cryptocurrencies currently trending in the cryptocurrency market.

It proves to be a pretty safe bet to go for compare to its turbulent peers.

Besides, litecoin as a digital coin seems to be more valuable these days and a lot of investors are now seeking ways to securely store up or lock up this cryptocurrency while it builds in value.

This, therefore, gives birth to the essence of a crypto wallet when dwelling in the cryptocurrency space most especially.

However, when seeking to choose a particular litecoin wallet, you should always consider this:

  • A wallet should always give you full access to your private keys.
  • Should be beginner-friendly.
  • Should contain an active community
  • Should be compatible with most devices and different operating systems
  • Should provide added security measures

Quickly, here are the five best litecoin wallets you can always use for the safekeeping of your cryptocurrency.

1. Ledger Nano S

The Ledger is mostly a well-known and widely owned hardware wallet available in the market. It is so due to its efficiency and ability to safely store users’ assets, therefore, making it rise above its competitors.

Hardware wallets allow you to easily store your coin offline by using mainly private keys or passwords to access and are heavily guarded against close contact with the internet where hacks are predominantly common.

Hardware in recent years came into full use due to the high rate of hacks that do occur and eventually leave owners with nothing and in debt 

This is more reason these gadgets were developed since it tends to offer a balance in optimum security and functionality.

The Ledger Nano A was released in 2016 and is well a multi-currency hardware wallet. It very much supports more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and has a high level of flexibility and easy accessibility with a backup function.

It features two buttons for easily navigating through the user-friendly user interface and as well deleting or confirming consent to transactions terminated or conducted.

Also, about the PIN, you are allowed to set it up after the purchase to safely secure your coins even if the gadget gets stolen. And one major feature quite spectacular to this offline wallet is its ability to erase itself whenever it is being tampéed with.

The attacker is left with nothing since access is not provided to get to the assets.

What We Like:

  • User-friendly
  • Multi-signature backing
  • Passphrase support
  • Times out after a long time of inactivity
  • Compatible with multiple currencies

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited application capacity
  • Not open source 
  • Display is small

2. Guarda Wallet

The Guarda wallet as non-custodian storage is a solution for individuals interested in trading and depositing a variety of different cryptocurrencies.

It is an open-source software program that can be used with different implementations. That is, all depending on your choice, you can always go for either the web version, Android, iPhone, or Chrome extension.

It is an exchange platform that is easily accessible from any device, allows traders to buy and sell different digital assets within the software interface while also giving users full ownership and control over their assets though will always require a transaction fee for every action performed.

Also, the company behind this wallet seems to value consumers and has therefore provided its users support solutions that contain comments, questions, and issues normally raised in public about online wallets.

This has however earned them positive feedbacks making Guarda an efficient wallet application you can safely use to store all of your digital. Litecoin, especially.

What We Like:

  • Can be integrated with Ledger wallet
  • Compatible with various crypto coins
  • You can always create your ERC-20 token
  • Integration with Ledger hardware wallets

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t support other hardware wallets like TREZOR

3. Atomic Wallet

The Atomic wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet available for mostly beginners since it’s free. It is an exchange application that very much supports the buying and selling of different coins and their tokens. That is, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Tron, Dash, EOS, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Atomic wallet is quite beneficial to many traders as a whole due to the interesting feature of it allowing you to buy assets directly on the platform and also enabling conversions of different coins and tokens to that which you desire.

This is however made possible through the integration of the Atomic Swap exchange present within the wallet.

One unique aspect of Atomic is mostly its coin and token support as well as cost. The wallet though is very free to use except in the aspect of transaction fees though still presents feasibility in terms of trading these assets and also providing other decentralized exchange platforms other than Atomic Swap.

Your private keys also are very much well encrypted on its blockchain network by providing you with a 12-word recovery phrase as a backup should you lose your device or forget your password. This is a very durable way you can easily get your key back.

However, since Atomic is more than just a decentralized wallet, you storing your Litecoin and making use of its astounding benefits will be of great help to you.

What We Like:

  • Supports many cryptocurrencies and tokens as supported by Atomic Swap
  • Private keys are stored on your device giving you full access
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Simple to make use of

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not support hardware wallet
  • There is a limit in the listing of cryptocurrencies

4. Jaxx

The interface on Jaxx is quite interesting and do work more like an extension with your browser. The news updates in the cryptocurrency market, just on time and as well its appealing wide range of cryptocurrencies that the system supports makes it just easy, safe, and convenient.

Jaxx also has a durable lineup of non-custodial crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dodge, and the likes.

It is also easy to switch on the Jaxx platform between crypto coins this time around and as well send and receive money, scan quick response codes, enter addresses, and a whole lot of other features.

However, bugs can slow down its efficiency sometimes and make the experience pretty awkward. But it is still being worked on and hoping to see the best out of it.

Access through the Jaxx wallet is also pretty simple as an easy log in and selection of coins to receive payment for it make payment with allows for its easy to use user interface.

The Jaxx wallet is nonetheless available on Android, IOS, Chrome, and Linux via apps. The web-based version at the moment is not available.

What We Like:

  • Connected with ShapeShift, a durable exchange that very much supports different cryptocurrencies.
  • Scanning of QR codes
  • Durable and optimum security 
  • Cross-platform pairing
  • User-friendly interface

What We Don’t Like:

  • No longer updated as before
  • Absence of some tradable crypto coin

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Litecoin Wallet

Litecoin proves to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the space and as a result close in among the top five most valuable crypto coins currently proving their dominance in the market today.

And since crypto wallets offer a great degree of security to their users by allowing them to exchange, buy and sell coins on them, they prove to be the most feasible model whenever you are seeking to safely store your cryptocurrencies.

Yet, choosing out of a ton of available wallets can be quite stressful and present itself as an uneasy thing to do. 

The thing with the cryptocurrency market is its volatile nature and therefore do need secure platforms that can assure the safety of these assets and give out a backup option in cases of misplaced keywords.

Usually, there are a few things to always consider while choosing a cryptocurrency wallet. However, here are a few key ideas listed below, putting more focus on wallets.

  • Reviews and ratings

There is nothing as much as better than researching and being informed about what existing users have to say about the product.

From people who have experienced what a wallet has to offer, you tend to get more information whether particular wallet works more for you or otherwise.

Reviews and ratings do go a long way in helping you get familiar with what a wallet is said to offer and what it offers. Still, you can always make do with a little amount if you are willing to try out a particular wallet. However, it should be done based on your discretion and not on others.

  • Compatibility mode

How well cryptocurrency wallets do support litecoin do vary? Does the wallet support assets you trade?

Some will always be compatible with litecoin allowing for its buying and selling as well as conversion but if you seem to come across wallets that do not support this cryptocurrency, then move on to the next as there are hundreds of exchanges available in the space.

  • Beginner-friendly

Most professional traders do have their specifications and do know the kind of wallet they want due to their constant urge for viewing the market. Wallets like Coinbase can always offer you a live chart of what is going on in the market, but others may not in a bid to prevent the whole interface from getting complicated.

Also, how familiar you are with trading cryptocurrencies and litecoin as a whole will always determine your type of wallet.

Nevertheless, exchange platforms do have readily available basic and advanced views which do give users the chance to efficiently choose their layout.

These crypto wallets are however deemed fit for an amateur trader as there are no big charts that can look confusing to you, or abbreviations not too familiar to an average person, or constantly changing numbers.

They are simply clean, straightforward, and user-friendly with an easy navigation process. This however also helps in reducing mistakes users make on the application due to its straightforward nature.

  • Security

The need for a safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet can’t be over-emphasized as holding assets on a particular exchange means trusting an agent with your valuables and keeping it on their platforms temporarily.

However, in many cases that have occurred over the years, wallets in the cryptocurrency space are very much susceptible to alterations and can also have a devastating effect on both the agents and the investors.

You should know there is nothing as 100 per cent secure whenever it comes to crypto wallets. The safest as listed above are transactions that deal with cold storage i.e a place where assets are kept in an offline manner.

  • Customer support

As much as problems are liable to happen even while making use of some of the best cryptocurrency exchange applications, being able to relay those problems to a support system that can find solutions to these difficulties is quite indispensable in a community that works mostly with cryptocurrencies.

New users of the platform are liable to ask what the platform is all about and when FAQ is laid out to explain more, it can efficiently help people in navigating their way around the exchange application.

Also, efficient customer support will go a long way in ensuring tiring problems are solved hastily, users get rest assured of the safety of their assets as well as consumer satisfaction.

This is one candid reason you need to make use of productive and proactive wallets with efficient services.


Do you trade cryptocurrencies or do you deal mostly with litecoin? Then you should get an exchange platform that allows direct deposit of your assets so you can start trading instantly.

Still, do consider the factors listed above to guide you in your selection.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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