Babydoge Questions Shiba Inu Founders as CoinmarketCap Unverifies Their Supply After Verifying

Baby Doge Swap

BabyDoge, a canine-themed cryptocurrency, announced via Twitter on Thursday that CoinMarketCap had finally verified its circulating supply after nearly a year.

After a few hours, BabyDoge noticed that they had lost the “verification badge” they received from CoinMarketCap and are now considered unverified.

The BabyDoge team became suspicious of the situation and expressed their displeasure in the following tweet: “There’s something odd going on inside CoinMarketCap. Unconfirmed rumor: SHIB founders are also CMC founders.”

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Despite the following facts, BabyDoge worked hard to verify its circulating supply and market cap on CMC: BabyDoge Coin is now one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on Twitter. BabyDoge also outnumbers all other canine-themed cryptocurrencies in terms of holder count.

After submitting hundreds of requests consistently for a year, BabyDoge was finally verified by CoinMarketCap, but unfortunately became unverified after a few hours of confirmation.

BabyDoge is Not Happy With CoinMarketCap

According to BabyDoge’s team, this unusual behavior from the world’s premier cryptocurrency price-tracking platform led them to believe that the rumors circulating on social media platforms about the connection between SHIB Founders and CMC Founders were true. This is because they do not want to see the competition in space evolve.

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Readers should be aware that CMC verification is critical for the project these days, as it increases legitimacy and boosts the project’s ranking on the platform. As a result, a project may attract more investors in the future.

However, BabyDoge is not the only project that has voiced its displeasure with the CMC. Kris Marszalek, CEO of, has previously chastised CoinMarketCap for providing inaccurate data.

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