Attorney John Deaton Finds XRP “Cockroach” Comparison Bullish

John Deaton

Crypto-law expert Attorney John Deaton has once again voiced his support for XRP, stating that he sees it in a positive light when critics compare the cryptocurrency to a cockroach. 

Uphold CEO Reveals Ripple Partnership

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Attorney John Deaton, representing the XRP community, defended the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

In a tweet yesterday, Attorney Deaton responded to an interview with Uphold CEO Simon McLoughlin, where McLoughlin explained why Ripple had chosen Uphold as its latest On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) partner. McLoughlin revealed that the partnership was primarily focused on payments.

Deaton’s Positive Take on “Cockroach” Label

This comment prompted a reaction from Attorney Deaton, who asked his followers to identify any blockchain designed explicitly for payments. 

Deaton pointed out that critics had previously likened XRP to a cockroach. Rather than becoming upset, the prominent legal expert expressed optimism about this comparison.

The top crypto lawyer suggested that cockroaches are known for surviving nuclear wars, and he finds this comparison to be a bullish indicator for XRP.

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Notably, Attorney Deaton had previously taken jabs at Bitcoin maximalists who made the same cockroach comparison. Earlier this year, Deaton commented on a CoinDesk video discussing XRP’s trading volume. Despite the media outlet not criticising the legitimacy of XRP, Attorney Deaton asserted that XRP is the most resilient cryptocurrency, regardless of the labels critics attach to it.

It was in this context that he likened XRP to a cockroach, highlighting XRP’s resilience, much like the insect’s ability to survive. According to Deaton, XRP is akin to a cockroach that even a nuclear war cannot extinguish.

XRP’s Resilience in the Market

Meanwhile, XRP has demonstrated resilience, with a 13.2% surge in value over the past seven days. The asset has also seen a 19.3% increase in the past two weeks.

According to data from CoinGecko, XRP is currently trading at $0.6175, marking a 2.33% increase over the last 24 hours.

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