As The Bear Market Continues, Ripple Continues to Hire Engineers

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At its Toronto office, two positions are available at Ripple, a leading blockchain company. A senior director of engineering and a senior staff software engineer is wanted by the Silicon Valley blockchain company, according to a recent announcement.

The position was referred to as “the job of a lifetime” by Ripple. According to the release, the engineers will significantly contribute to the company’s drive to create scalable and reliable solutions for its expanding clientele.

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Both opportunities are available at Ripple’s office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, claims the company’s website listing open roles.

Senior Director, Engineering (Liquidity)

The newly hired Senior Director of Engineering for Ripple will guide the organization’s teams in providing customers with the best liquidity possible in a scalable, reliable, and efficient way.

“You will mentor, lead and grow a team of Applied Scientists, Engineers, and Technical Program Managers building our liquidity and trading platforms that power Ripple’s payments and crypto liquidity products,” Ripple stated.

The newly hired individual will offer scientific and technical leadership for Ripple’s forecasting, planning, routing, risk management, etc.

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Liquidity

Ripple stated that the ideal applicant for the post must have knowledge of creating data-intensive, high-performance trading software. For efficient decision-making, the new hire for this position will provide dependable and low-latency services.

“We are looking for a seasoned software engineer to join our team building liquidity services at Ripple. Our liquidity platform and products enable businesses to offer crypto trading services to their end customers and is a key part of Ripple’s strategy to simplify access to crypto liquidity for enterprises,” the announcement read. 

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Working at Ripple is a Great Experience

Even though the majority of blockchain companies, including Coinbase and Gemini, announced staff layoffs during a severe bear market, Ripple has not slowed down its hiring efforts. A full-stack engineer position became available at Ripple in October.

Ripple is based in San Francisco but maintains offices in Toronto, Singapore, and New York. Ripple made intentions to employ 50 engineers for its Toronto headquarters public in June.

A few days before this event, Ripple was named the fourth-best workplace for parents in 2022.

In comparison to 57% of other U.S. companies, 95% of Ripple employees said in a survey conducted in October that their company is the best place to work.

In August, Ripple was listed as one of the top 100 places to work by Fortune Magazine.

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