Ardadex Protocol Launches NFT Marketplace on Cardano Blockchain

Ardadex Protocol Launches NFT Marketplace on Cardano Blockchain

Cardano blockchain has been growing significantly, with many protocols integrating into the network. Ardadex protocol becomes the first on Cardano blockchain to launch AMM/DEX and NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace Easy-to-use User Interface to Trade Digital Goods

This announcement was released by the Ardadex protocol blog today. The Ardadex protocol provides an NFT marketplace for digital creators and online creators, an easy-to-use user interface to trade digital goods

Some of the significant components in the Ardadex Protocol include NFT and Defi aggregator, NFTPad, AMM/DEX, Yield farming.

Ardadex Protocol Characteristics

1. Liquidity providers can deposit LP tokens, achieve competitive returns on capital and participate in yield farming activities.

2. Ardadex Exchange: This will serve as a native decentralised exchange on the Cardano blockchain so users can easily exchange tokens. DEX has some of the lowest fees in the DeFi space and offers fast transactions with low slippage.

3. Ardadex NFT: This platform combines decentralised finance and irreplaceable tokens. This will enable digital creators and online creators to easily use user interfaces based on the Ardadex protocol to counterfeit and trade digital goods.

4. ARDAN token is the currency for exchange and payment of fees feature lists. The Ardan token serves as the governance token of the Ardadex protocol. ARDAN owners can vote on the development or modification of the Ardadex project and also submit governance proposals. This makes ARDAN a token that is operated entirely by the community. As a governance token of the Ardadex protocol.

Ardadex protocol investors can generate income through the following:

1. ARDAN Holders: Holders of ARDAN tokens can first receive exclusive NFT drops.

2. Trading: Investors can activate ARDAN tokens and transfer them to the trading wallet for trading in cryptocurrencies or NFT tokens.

3. Staking: Customers can use ARDAN tokens to stake and receive rewards on the Ardadex platform. The more transactions processed and the higher the liquidity, the higher the mortgage profit.

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