Anonymous threatens Elon Musk for his attitude towards cryptocurrencies

Anonymous threatens Elon Musk for his attitude towards cryptocurrencies

A tweet too many? As Elon Musk continues to play on the nerves of Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) investors, hacktivist group Anonymous has released a threat video.

Anonymous threatens Elon Musk

The video published by Anonymous, entitled “Message to Elon Musk,” takes up the usual codes of the group, with a lot of epic music and synthetic voices. The hacker group accused Tesla of taking advantage of government subsidies to generate income and points to certain ecological damages caused by the electric car manufacturer.

However, much of the video focuses on Elon Musk’s connection to cryptocurrencies, with Anonymous deeming the billionaire dangerous for investors. The video explains as follows:

“It is more than likely that [Tesla’s] Bitcoin was bought with government subsidies. It is now widely accepted that you were forced to denounce your company’s involvement in Bitcoin so that government money could continue to flow into Tesla’s coffers.”

Elon Musk: Too Much Influence on Cryptocurrencies?

Anonymous also criticizes Elon Musk for playing with the savings of investors who would have followed his publications. This refers to Elon Musk’s escapades on Twitter, the latter having promoted Bitcoin (BTC) and then disowned it. The billionaire has also fueled the massive pump of Dogecoin (DOGE) thanks to cleverly disguised memes. According to Anonymous,

“Your little game with the crypto markets has destroyed lives. Millions of retail investors were truly relying on their cryptocurrency earnings to improve their lives.”

Anonymous concludes by stating that Elon Musk’s tweets show a “clear contempt for average workers” and threatened the billionaire with a parting quote:” Dread us.”

The Elon effect, a scourge?

Anonymous is only resuming criticisms that have been circulating for several weeks now within the crypto community. Investors blame the billionaire for his considerable influence on the markets. 

Bitcoin has still not recovered from its plunge initiated by the withdrawal of Tesla. Now “Dogefather,” Elon Musk seems delighted with this new status but little aware of the reality of investors.

It remains to be seen what impact the threats of Anonymous means on Elon Musk. The hacktivist group has been in decline in recent years, but the video shows that the billionaire’s attitude is now seen as problematic by a growing number of observers. 

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