Anonymous swaps without KYC via DEX and CEX. How Swapuz works

Anonymous swaps without KYC via DEX and CEX. How Swapuz works

Blockchain fulfills an important role when dealing with cryptocurrency and related online currency transactions. There are a wide variety of platforms to choose from whose work is based on this.  The single principle does not mean the same modes of operation and functions. All companies have certain differences. Nevertheless, not all these platforms are created equal. Swapuz is not left aside in this matter and also has its own distinctive features. There are several proofs of this.

Swapuz was launched in 2019 with the aim of creating an efficient working environment when performing e-coin transactions. The presented short analysis will show how well the objectives were achieved.

Objectives and adjacent functions

Swapuz has earned the trust of more than 11,000 people. Customers appreciate the attention given to them, as well as the satisfaction of their needs. It’s about the possibility of exchanging tokens quickly on favorable terms. There are about 1500 different coins to select from, which are in demand in the general area of modern cryptocurrency. Everything goes through reputable blockchains like Bitcoin, the equally popular Ethereum, and even Monero. There’s no doubt that all transactions are securely protected. 

At first look, it seems that Swapuz works according to the standard pattern, copying the actions of other platforms. But the first thing that makes it stand out is the presence of a multichannel exchange system. Why is it necessary?

Let’s look at the basic parameters. Most of the existing platforms operate within the same ecosystem. Their tools perform functions in a decentralized or centralized system. These technologies limit the user experience. Swapuz found a way to break the boundaries and allow the two technologies to connect. Customers can now easily maneuver between CEX and DEX. This opens up new possibilities and fosters original approaches.

These keys and algorithms make Swapuz a more flexible platform for complex trading. Not many competitors can boast similar achievements. 

How strong a defense

Everyone who owns money worries about its safe storage. The situation is similar with cryptocurrency. That’s why Swapuz found a successful security solution.

The platform took the best of DeFi’s achievements as a basis. After that, additional features were added to increase the level of protection. It’s all about the absence of data storage. Information is transmitted directly without delay. If it is not stored anywhere, there is nothing to steal. Why take the risk when you can take it and give it away immediately? 

Users don’t need to register on the platform to avail of the available services of Swapuz. They also don’t need to undergo KYC verification. Any personal data will not be held here. The developers have taken care of the anonymity of the users and protect the information of their customers in this way. 

Minor difficulties in work

Swapuz has proven its superiority over its competitors during its existence. But there are minor omissions that do not affect the reliability and security of the platform. It is about live customer support. People often contact the support team with various questions. The response time is sometimes long. The developers claim that they are already working on methods to solve this problem. It all boils down to the large number of requests and the lack of physical ability to satisfy all of them at once. To reduce the load, users are recommended to first pay attention to FAQ and additional documents. According to statistics, most of the answers lie there. If there is no desire to search and read on your own, then you should be a little patient. Eventually, all questions will be answered.

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