Algorand Partners with ANote Music to Tokenize Music Assets

The Hemp Blockchain, Inc. Selects Algorand as its Blockchain Platform

Algorand has partnered with ANote Music and will be integrated into its platform with the possibility of tokenizing music assets.

ANote to Integrate Algorand into Its Music Marketplace

ANote Music, a marketplace for investing in music royalties, aims to bridge the gap between the music industry and the capital market. It announced that its platform has been integrated with leading blockchain technology company Algorand, which has accelerated the fusion of decentralization in traditional finance.

Since the music assets and NFTs can be used as tokens by artists, distributors and record labels, the new music catalogue listed on the ANote Music platform offers investors tokens and thus the right to receive part of the future royalty stream. This offers opportunities for artists who benefit from expanded catalogues, improved access rights, etc. and can provide investors with another diversified good.

This is an important milestone for developers with an ANote catalogue as it is the first time token rights and NFTs have entered a market where they can be created and exchanged. By listing music rights with ANote Music, developers have the opportunity to share the success with their network and their fan base and at the same time receive a new financing model immediately.

ANote Music will also feature a dedicated area where music enthusiasts can get their favourite NFTs straight from their favourite artists. NFT will be launched on Algorand. Investors receive and manage these NFTs in their Algorand wallet and can track everything on

ANote Music is headquartered in a European financial hotspot and is jointly funded by the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It’s very useful for democratizing music investments and providing a secure trading platform for music-related NFT transactions.

Gregoire Mathonet, CTO and Co-founder at ANote Music said: “ANote Music is delighted to integrate Algorand as the core blockchain system for its operations. Algorand provides the resilience, security, speed and low fees that we were looking for. The ease of traceability of registered claims is certainly another added value for our platform’s users. The different integrations made possible by  ‘logic transaction signatures’ are a huge step forward towards using blockchain in real business solutions and we expect this just to be the start of a huge evolution within the music industry.” 

“We are excited to see ANote leverage Algorand’s core Layer-1 functionality as they embrace blockchain-based solutions and reinvent its business model to one that is more transparent, accessible and inclusive,” said W. Sean Ford, COO of Algorand. “Algorand has seen growing traction with NFTs as creators and the organizations that support them come to understand the critical success factors and advanced technology required for a sustainable and enduring future.”

In the past few months, NFT and blockchain-based dialogue have become the forefront of the music industry. Algorand and ANote Music have always been leaders in their respective fields. The use of advanced technologies provided by Algorand from ANote will bring future developments to the music industry and its developers.

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