Algorand Foundation Partners with Envision Virgin Racing to Promote an Environmentally Friendly Ecosystem

Algorand Foundation Partners with Envision Virgin Racing to Promote an Environmentally Friendly Ecosystem

Algorand Foundation, the non-profit organization leading development for Algorand, is the first ‘pure’ proof-of-stake blockchain protocol. The foundation partnered with Envision Virgin Racing to ensure the adoption of a friendly environment

Algorand Foundation Partners with Envision Virgin Racing to Become the Team’s Platinum Partner

According to an announcement on October 28, Envision Virgin Racing, a British racing team, based in Silverstone Park Collaborated with the Algorand Foundation to become the team’s platinum partner in a new multi-year partnership.

The Algorand Foundation is committed to realizing the global promise of blockchain technology by harnessing the power of the Algorand protocol and its ecosystem to enable everyone to realize the potential of a fair and truly limitless digital economy based on a carbon negative network that will help keep a better planet.

Like Envision Virgin Racing, the Algorand Foundation is committed to building a sustainable future based on innovative innovation and high performance, backed by durability and reliability built in the face of fierce competition in the real world.

This collaboration makes the Algorand Foundation a partner in the team’s innovative sustainability program “Competing with Climate Change”, which aims to help expand the fight against climate change and accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles. Envision Virgin Racing will also work with the Algorand Foundation to strengthen its community programs, including supporting the Foundation’s developer and innovator community activities.

Executives Comment on the Partnership

Franz Jung, Vice President of the Envision Group and Chairman of the Envision Virgin Formula Electric Team, commenting on the announcement,  stated that sustainability and the use and introduction of innovative new technologies to solve the climate crisis are at the core of our existence and they are delighted to be working with the Algorand Foundation. Although blockchain technology offers them and many other organizations many interesting new opportunities, Algorand’s technology offers them the opportunity to use blockchain in the most environmentally friendly way.

Sean Lee, CEO of the Algorand Foundation, mentioned that the Algorand Foundation’s mission is to build an understanding of the Algorand blockchain and its rapidly growing ecosystem. She is looking for global partnerships to offer competitive sports. Passion and enthusiasm, but this is also in line with the main sustainability values ​​of the Algorand ecosystem. They are very excited to be working with Envision Virgin Racing and have many amazing synergies with them.

Lee also noted that the Algorand blockchain was designed from the start to minimize its carbon and energy footprint and provide a unique sustainable blockchain platform for innovators around the world looking to develop sustainability-driven technologies. They look forward to supporting each other in their mission to show that sustainable, climate-friendly innovation is the best way to shape their future technology and economy.

As one of the founding teams of the FIA ​​Formula E World Championship, Envision Virgin Racing has impressive records on and off the track under the Envision Group, the world’s leading green technology company. In addition to 11 wins and 33 podiums in 84 races, Envision Virgin Racing is also the first CO2-neutral Formula Electric Team (PAS 2060). It is also one of the few teams to earn FIA three-star certification for sustainable development and the only sports team to have worked with the UK government on their Building the Earth Together initiative and the COP26 Global Summit to support the United Nations.

The team’s new season 8 uniform with the logo of the Algorand Foundation will be presented at the United Nations World Climate Conference COP26. The new looking car will be on display in the Green Zone at COP26 from Monday 1st November to Friday 12th November.

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