Airdrop Monday: Three Crypto airdrop Opportunities in the second week of April

Airdrop Monday: Three Crypto airdrop Opportunities in the second week of April

You may have heard about the word ‘’Airdrops’’ used within the cryptocurrency space and wondering what it means. Airdrop is basically the release of a token completely free to holders of another crypto-asset in order to encourage the adoption of the offered token. 

There are many reasons why organizations choose to perform airdrops. Airdrops are an effective method of getting quick crypto use and creating hype around a blockchain-based startup. 

It is also a way to reward investors and clients. Many companies will use airdrops for marketing and customer benefits while some use it for technological reasons, such as when performing a hard fork. 

We look at some of the best airdrop opportunities for this week. 

Grandle Finance

Grandle DeFi is a decentralized and permisionless protocol that aims to provide its users total control of buying, selling, and trading their digital assets through Grandle’s Dex exchange and DeFi Dapp. 

On Grandle Finance, the team plan to have a host of other activities that will be done to maximize the financial earnings of users, such as staking, swapping, farming, pooling and exchanging.  GRAND tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to partake in the Grandle Finance airdrop


Join their telegram group ( (5 Grandle) 

Join Telegram channel (  (5 Grandle) 

Follow Twitter (  handle and retweet the pinned post 

Follow them on Facebook ( (optional task) 

DO others optional tasks 

Submit your details on the bot 


ERC20 wallet address is acceptable on this program  

Visit the website (  for more info 


Market : Oneswap 

4k USDT provided liquidity.

Steps To Claim airdrop

Join the telegram community (

Join the telegram channel (

Follow the Twitter (  handle

Retweet the pinned post 

(  and comment

Submit your Trc20 wallet address 

Airdrop Form (

 Complete the above tasks then click on the ” Airdrop Form” to submit details.


Airdrop Bonus : 5,000 $ASUS ($10)

Duration Time : 1 Minute

Referral : 100 $ASUS ($0.2)

Airdrop Bot (

How to receive Avensus Network airdrop 

Start BOT (

Join Telegram Group

Join Telegram Channel

Follow Twitter & Retweet

Submit Bep20 address

Note: Airdrop distribution start June 2021 


Airdrop Information: Make sure you complete all tasks and submit your Bep20 address to qualify for the airdrop.

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