ADA Founder Defends IOG Addresses Frustration in Community

ADA Founder Defends IOG, Addresses Frustration in Community

ADA founder –Charles Hoskinson has defended IOG, the project’s research and engineering arm, against community backlash.

Charles Hoskinson recently leaped to the defense of  initiatives by Input Output Global (IOG), ADA research and engineering arm. He reiterated the arm’s commitment to onboarding millions of users into the ecosystem.

Notably, ADA’s IOG has come under scrutiny due to recent implemented initiatives aimed at driving the blockchain ecosystem forward.

For instance, they recently unveiled plans to build a privacy-focused ADA sidechain –Midnight and acquired a popular community wallet, Nami. In addition, they shared plans to adopt CIP 1694, a proposal to give more governance power to the project’s community.

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Still, factions of the community have been unsatisfied with these initiatives,highlighting how they tend to centralize the blockchain’s ecosystem rather than decentralize it. 

With this development, Charles Hoskinson in a recent comment defended IOG’s latest endeavors reminding the community how IOG is like every other company building dApps for the network.

ADA Founder Unity Calls

Alluding to ADA’s plans to become the number one blockchain ecosystem, Charles Hoskinson called for unity of mind within the global community. Specifically, he urged the community to focus on building, partnering, and welcoming new positive developments.

This call for unity comes at a time when the network is seeing an uptick in stable coin usage and a relatively stable DeFi ecosystem. If achieved, such unity would evidently help ADA as it continues to compete against other layer-1s to become users’ preferred destination. 

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