Accumulation by Cardano Whales Signals Upcoming Price Surge

Cardano (ADA) Holders React: Panic Selling Analysis

The cryptocurrency markets are gaining momentum, and Cardano (ADA) is experiencing a significant upswing towards a key milestone. The $0.75 level, crucial yet challenging, has consistently repelled ADA’s attempts to surpass it. Now, after enduring multiple rejections, this level has transformed into a robust support base, enabling a healthy ascent.

Optimism Fuels Market Sentiment

In anticipation of the next price movement, optimism has been adopted by both whales and retail traders. A rise in holdings by the top 100 addresses and a sharp increase in the supply by the top 1% of addresses have been observed since late February, indicating substantial whale accumulation.

A 2.25% increase in ADA tokens, amounting to approximately 60 million, signals that whales are anticipating significant bullish opportunities. A noticeable uptick in unique addresses has been recorded, signaling a shift in interest towards the asset by traders and whales, likely to profoundly affect its long-term price trajectory.

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March 2024: A Crucial Month for ADA’s Price Trajectory

Since March began, ADA price has consolidated tightly around $0.75, signaling strength for a potential bullish breakout above $0.8. Despite immediate challenges, a persistently bullish pattern suggests the milestone of $1 could be reached within the month.

The weekly chart analysis for ADA suggests it’s nearing the $1 mark by surpassing a critical $0.98 resistance. Bullish trends and Bollinger bands expansion hint at an extension to the $1.187 to $1.24 zone, suggesting a strong upward trend with little bearish resistance.

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Moreover, an indication of strengthening bullish momentum is given by the RSI remaining in a bullish zone.

A significant potential for Cardano (ADA) to reach the $1 mark within March is indicated, with whale accumulation and rising retail trader optimism suggesting a likely breach of the $1 milestone soon, potentially driving robust upward movement.

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