Abris.io Launches an Environmentally Friendly NFT Marketplace on the Algorand Blockchain

Abris.io Launches an Environmentally Friendly NFT Marketplace on the Algorand Blockchain

Algorand, an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency that produces low amounts of carbon, has been growing its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) involvement. Recently, Abris.io launched an NFT marketplace on the Algorand blockchain.

Abris Launches White Label NFT Solutions Based on the Algorand

Abris today announced the launch of its NFT market and white label NFT solutions based on the Algorand blockchain. As the NFT market continues to grow and raise concerns about its environmental impact, Abris proposes an environmentally friendly solution for casting and selling digital art, with a user-friendly platform design and an artist-centric one that prioritises the environment and creatives’ profit structure. 

Every NFT can work safely on Abris in one step. Moreover, the platform’s trading and resale markets have been carefully planned, and all the artists and collections on the shelves have been thoroughly reviewed. Artists verified as available for sale on the platform receive 90% of primary sales and 5% of all secondary sales, making Abris one of the most creator-friendly NFT markets.

Furthermore, to a well-curated market, Abris also offers NFT as a Service (NaaS). The white-glove solution helps artists, celebrities, galleries, photographers, and companies drop their own NFTs and auction them off.

Algorand Low Transaction Fees is Driving its NFT Growth

Algorand is considered to be the premier platform for creating, launching, and managing NFTs as it has proven indecomposable, which means the network is never split into multiple networks, which can lead to duplication of digital works of art. 

Its low transaction fees, near-instant transaction security, and decentralised design ensure that buyers and sellers get a smooth and accessible NFT experience. For Abris, Algorand must also be one of the few carbon-negative blockchain networks; In addition to using a unique consensus mechanism to make its technology more energy-efficient than other blockchains, there is also the tiny carbon footprint of the network, the cooperation with climate trading in the emissions certificate market is further offset.

Babu Ganapathy, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Abris said they are excited to bring this NFT market to developers’ doorsteps worldwide and provide a simple, easy-to-use interface for Algorand to cast, sell and resell use and auction them NFT. 

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