A Beginner’s Guide to Creating NFTs on Decentraland

A Beginner's Guide to Creating NFTs on Decentraland

The world is moving towards a different future, a future beyond our dreams. NFTs and the Metaverse will shape the coming era. Non-fungible tokens, commonly known as NFTs, were launched in August 2015, while Decentraland was established in 2017. However, the platform opened to the public in February 2020. 

NFTs are blockchain technology digital products that can be bought and sold. Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain to purchase assets as NFTs via the cryptocurrency MANA.

You must be very knowledgeable about investing in NFTs but have an idea of ​​how to create them. In this article, we will learn how to create NFTs on Decentraland and get huge profits.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating NFTs on Decentraland

Here is a list of ways we can create NFTs on Decentraland:

  • WonderZone: WonderZone is a play-to-earn game that can create NFTs on Decentraland while playing it. In this game, asteroids fall from the sky, and you have to mine them.
  • You can tap it by clicking U. The mining is done with a pickaxe.
  • Once you mine the asteroid, you will get a drop. You can collect sapphire, minerals, etc., from drops.
  • These things will craft your NFT. You need to craft an automatic in spawn where you actually create the NFT on Decentraland.
  • Creating Wearables:
  • Decentraland avatars can be customized by using wearables such as clothing, physical features, and accessories. You can also make custom wearables. You can start creating NFT wearables in Decentraland’s “avatar system”.
  • You can choose the material to use as avatarSkin_MAT or avatarWearbale_MAT.
  • Then you need to design the wearable for the part of the avatar you want to apply.
  • Use NFTs in Your Scene:
  • Another easy way to create NFTs in Decentraland is to use NFTs in a scene.
  • NFTs can be added to your scene and displayed as photo frames. Decentraland also supports image and GIF formats supported by OpenSea. Currently, NFTs are not supported in video and audio. 3D representations of virtual objects in 2D frameworks, such as Decentraland wearables, clothes, etc.

Types of NFTs that Can Be Created on Decentraland

There are more NFTs than you might think. If you want to learn how to create NFTs in Decentraland, I think it’s best to understand the different types of NFTs you can create:

  • Real-World Assets:
  • NFT stands for real estate and luxury goods. Although you cannot create land on Decentraland as it has a fixed number of tiles, you can increase the value of the land through decorations.
  • Artwork: It is also called programmable art. It is characterized by unique innovations and technologies. Limited edition artworks are currently in circulation. If you want to create NFTs in this category, you can use oracles and smart contracts to create images that will be represented on the blockchain network.
  • Music and Media:
  • This is another growing NFT marketplace in Decentraland. You can associate NFTs with media and music files. To access the file, the customer must acquire real ownership. There are two well-known platforms, Rarible and Mintbase.
  • Event Tickets: If you have an event management background, NFTs are your event ticket. Event managers can mint their own unique NFT tickets that can be sold on select blockchain platforms. You get paid when customers buy tickets.
  • Gamble: As you play, NFTs can become in-game items. In-game items provide ownership features that will boost in-game economic growth. Introducing a wide range of player benefits is the primary focus of NFTs in this space.
  • Virtual object: In this section, you can create avatars, design clothes and wearables. All of these are created as NFTs. You must create them in a 3D modelling environment. Find out more about the manufacture of wearables in Decentraland. and how to create 3D models in Decentraland.
  • Memes: This is an area of ​​notable progress. Memes as NFTs are trending on the internet these days. You can create NFT memes and earn a huge income. You can read about what made the boring monkey so famous for a better understanding.


The NFT ecosystem has the potential to grow, and these NFTs are changing the way we think about asset ownership and use. NFTs and Decentraland are the future we must face. Therefore, if you are interested in this world, you can make a considerable profit.

This guide contains all the information needed to create an NFT on Decentraland.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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