6.08 Trillion SHIB Transfers to Coinbase Leave Questions Unanswered. What Does This Mean?

6.08 Trillion SHIB Transfers to Coinbase Leave Questions Unanswered

According to Etherscan.io data, three anonymous wallets transferred a significant amount of SHIB tokens, totaling 6,087,952,185,063 (6.08 trillion) in value and worth approximately $65.44 million, to a wallet linked to Coinbase known as “Coinbase 10.” The transfers were made simultaneously about two hours ago, and all three wallets have since been left with zero SHIB. The identity and purpose of the wallets behind the transfers remain unknown, but the significant amount involved suggests that it could be a large-scale transaction or investment.

Details of the Movement and the Transaction

WhaleAlert, a well-known blockchain data tracking platform, has corroborated this transaction through a tweet. The tweet verifies the transfer of a substantial amount of SHIB tokens worth over $65 million.

Shortly thereafter, the second wallet transferred an even larger amount of SHIB tokens, totaling 2,247,355,246,569 (2.24 trillion) in value and worth approximately $24.15 million, to the same Coinbase-associated wallet “Coinbase 10.” 

This subsequent transaction also caught the attention of WhaleAlert, which further verified its occurrence.

The series of significant transfers culminated with the third wallet transferring 1.92 trillion SHIB tokens to “Coinbase 10”.

It is unclear why the large transactions involving Shiba Inu cryptocurrency were made, and the identities of the wallet owners are unknown. However, these transfers have resulted in a significant decrease in the value of Shiba Inu, with the cryptocurrency trading at a price of $0.00001083, representing a 3.23% drop over the past day. The 24-hour trading volume for Shiba Inu stands at $223,557,661.

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