21% of Americans have already invested in cryptocurrencies, says survey

21% of Americans have already invested in cryptocurrencies, says survey

A new study from NBC News shows that Americans are gradually turning to cryptocurrencies. According to the survey, 21% of US residents individuals have ever handled digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC). 

Study Says 1 in 5 Americans Have Invested in Cryptocurrency

NBC News has just published a survey dedicated to cryptocurrencies. As part of this study, the American media interviewed a panel of 1,000 individuals residing in the United States.

Note that NBC News is a National Broadcasting Company (NBC) department, a major American TV group. Therefore, the study carried out by the media can be considered neutral on the subject.

According to the survey, 21% of Americans have invested, traded or used cryptocurrencies. This result “shows how this relatively young industry has taken off in recent years”.

Not surprisingly, not all demographic groups are equal. Thus, 50% of white men between 18 and 49 say they have already handled crypto-assets such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Other demographic groups that have already handled cryptocurrencies include African Americans. For example, 40% of Black Americans reveal having invested in, used or traded digital currencies.

Finally, younger Americans are more likely to turn to cryptocurrencies. 42% of respondents aged 18 to 34 say they have already purchased cryptocurrencies.

19% of Americans have a positive view of cryptocurrencies

Despite regulatory threats, 19% of respondents say they positively view the cryptocurrency industry. 56% of respondents say they are neutral, while 25% of individuals have a negative perception of digital currencies.

The results of this survey are corroborated by a Pew Research Center study published last year. According to this study, 16% of Americans hold cryptocurrencies.

Mirroring NBC News, the poll shows that men between 18 and 29 are the most likely to turn to these digital assets. Unlike the survey relayed today, this study highlighted that the white population was less interested in the cryptocurrency sector than African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians.

The appeal of crypto-assets also seems to be gaining momentum in Europe. A study by the KuCoin platform shows that 37% of Germans have already invested in cryptocurrencies. As in the United States, most individuals attracted to digital assets are men.
Americans and Germans seem much more interested in cryptocurrencies than the French. According to an Adan / KPMG France study, only 8% of French people have already taken the plunge by buying crypto-currencies. However, 30% of people residing in France plan to acquire cryptocurrencies.

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