Allegations of Ryoshi Holding $1B SHIB Sparks Controversy Within Shiba Inu Community

Allegations of Ryoshi Holding $1B SHIB Sparks Controversy Within Shiba Inu Community

The Shiba Inu community has erupted in controversy following claims made by data analytics group, Shibburn, regarding the ownership of SHIB tokens. Seeking to address ongoing confusion, Shibburn recently made clarification on the spread of misinformation surrounding project ownership and control. In their post on X platform, the Shibburn team emphasized that no single entity […]

Robinhood Expands Shiba Inu Trading to Nevada

Shiba Inu: Bone Token Advocates for Robinhood Listing

Robinhood, the well-known California-based digital asset trading platform, has recently broadened its cryptocurrency reach. Taking a significant leap, the platform has announced the inclusion of Shiba Inu among the digital assets available for trade-in Nevada, as revealed in their latest post on the X platform. Shiba Inu Becomes Accessible to Nevada Traders Transitioning into new […]

Cardano (ADA) Sees A Promising Surge: Is $1 Possible?


Cardano takes the spotlight on a day filled with cryptocurrency market excitement, including Bitcoin’s brief dance with the $35,000 level. ADA is positioned as the eighth-largest digital asset by market capitalisation. It once again instils hope in investors as it draws nearer to the much-anticipated $1 price milestone. This resurgence in ADA’s value aligns with […]

Cardano Founder Welcomes New Leadership for IOG’s Innovative Stablecoin Project


In an exciting development, Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano founder, took to the X platform to extend a warm welcome to Sean Ford, the newly appointed CEO of Input Output Global’s groundbreaking stablecoin venture. Accompanying Sean Ford is David Markley, who joins as the COO of this eagerly anticipated stablecoin initiative. These strategic appointments mark the […]

Ripple Bolsters Cross-Border Payments, Partnering with Uphold


San Francisco’s Ripple, a leader in payment solutions, has just announced an exciting partnership with U.S. trading platform Uphold. Aiming to enhance its already robust cross-border payment system, Ripple will integrate solutions provided by Uphold.  Ripple Vision for Global Payments Transitioning from traditional payment systems, Ripple’s cross-border solution offers numerous advantages. Now, with the goal […]