15 Best Play-2-Earn (P2E) Platforms For South Americans

15 Best Play-2-Earn (P2E) Platforms For South Americans

South American nations are playing more and more Play-2-Earn (P2E) games on a daily basis. Axie Infinity and CrytoBlades are two of the most well-liked games, and both of them are hiring a lot of young people and adults who are unemployed.

In South American nations where these games are most popular, the craze for NFTs is constantly escalating. In the midst of the economic crisis in their individual nations, many young people are earning money through these video games connected to cryptocurrency.

Play-to-earn games created on the main blockchain networks have a pretty straightforward concept. Players must first invest in various game NFTs, such as cards, figurines, and character memes, before they may begin to earn tokens after a while.

Axie Infinity (AXS) and CryptoBlades (SKILLS), which have grown in popularity after the epidemic closures, are the two most played games.

However, there are others with their own fan bases, such as Mirandus, My Defi Pet, Plant vs. Undead, Guild of Guardians, and so on. Numerous children and adults can earn money in this method to help pay for basic needs.

What Are Play-2-Earn Games?

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are a recent and rapidly expanding phenomena in the gaming industry because they combine the two things that everyone wants in life: entertainment and money.

At the intersection of Blockchain Technology and Gaming, something rather unique is taking place. Nowadays, users can make money by playing the games they enjoy because of the quick development of NFTs in the blockchain gaming sector.

The daring application of NFTs in gaming is giving players a wholly new gaming experience and uncovering a wealth of benefits. The player is usually rewarded in today’s play-to-earn games with an in-game token, the value of which is determined by how much liquidity, or money, is present in the token.

The Best Play-2-Earn Platforms For South Americans

One of the main reasons play-to-earn games have become so well-liked is because players can enjoy themselves while earning currency with real-world worth. Different play-to-earn games are available. Here are the top ones for South Americans in more detail.

Axie Infinity

The first Ethereum-based NFT game to reach US$1 billion in sales was Axie Infinity on August 8, 2021. More than a million people are actively playing the game. This non-fungible token (NFT) game, developed by the Vietnamese business Sky Mavis, is now the most well-liked one. It is one of the games with the biggest revenue across all blockchains.

You may create a team of animals called Axies in Axie Infinity, which is essentially a Pokemon-inspired game where you utilize them to battle other players in the Arena mode or take on enemies in the Adventure mode.

Axies come in a wide variety, and there are countless ways to customize them. When a user defeats another user, they are awarded Smooth Love Potion tokens, which they can exchange for the game’s primary utility tokens, Axie Infinity Shard tokens, by selling them.


Users of the new blockchain game CryptoBlades can acquire SKILL tokens by eliminating adversaries, conducting raids with allies, and staking earnings. 

In-game items can be made into characters and weapons that can be used to battle foes, or they can be sold on the built-in market.

Before they can begin the game, players must purchase a character. As a result, they have to pay a tiny price in the form of BNB in order to engage in combat. Battle fees are promptly given back to winners in the form of SKILL tokens.

My DeFi Pet

In the play-to-earn game My DeFi Pet, players rear virtual animals. On the game’s blockchain-based market, they may purchase, sell, and trade these pets. 

Additionally, they can alter the color, fur patterns, eyes, head shape, wings, monogram style, and other attributes of their pets to create distinctive NFTs. On the Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain, this game runs.

DPET, the in-game currency, can be used to exchange NFTs or purchase stuff from the game’s official website. The marketplace accepts the DPET coin for purchases of accessories, food, and other products for virtual pets.

As of June 27, 2022, there were approximately 16 million DPET coins in circulation, with each coin having a value of $0.1522. 100 million units are the maximum supply.

Plant VS Undead

Plant vs. Undead is a very adaptable game, and its farm mode keeps you interested with the chance to accumulate light energy, which results in PVU tokens.

There is a way to profit from playing Plant vs. Undead when you control your in-game assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is a play-to-earn game as a result of this. In this game, users can manage their farm and generate Light Energy, an in-game money (LE).

These Light Energy tokens can currently be exchanged for Plant vs. Undead Token, a cryptocurrency token (PVU). Then, you can trade this coin on a variety of decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

You must collect seeds, complete daily tasks like watering other players’ plants, and generally do anything else related to the farm in order to earn LE.


Players can make money by gathering game resources, leveling up their characters, and performing cycle upgrades in an epic fantasy role-playing game set in a vast universe. The gamers can assume the role of their paid avatars.

Players must travel the world and battle dungeon and deep woods enemies in order to advance their abilities and weapons. Players in Mirandus have the freedom to choose their characters and their own missions in the epic struggle against evil.

Guild of Guardian

In the role-playing fantasy game Guild of Guardian, players can buy and sell heroes to assemble teams and engage in combat with one another. Players can also form teams to take on dungeons and gather materials for hero advancement.

Players can play Guild of Guardian for free and earn both NFTs and GEM, the game’s native token, by participating in gameplay. Hold up if you’re eager to begin because this game won’t be released until Q3 of 2022.


The NFT game Binemon utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. Mons, the virtual NFT creatures that players can breed and grow, can engage in fights and receive rewards. Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) are the two available fight modes (PvP).

Players of Binemon can collect items besides mons as well. The limitless open-world environment is home to unique items known as Ambrosia (AMB). Players may strengthen and improve their Mons using AMB.

On the Binemon market, Mons’ eggs are purchased using BIN, a native Binemon BEP-20 token. Players will obtain one of four different races of Mons’ eggs at random: cat, dog, unicorn, or titan.


Decentraland is a brand-new Ethereum-hosted 3D virtual environment and Metaverse cryptocurrency project. The popularity of the game increased in 2021 after needing a year to do so.

Players can buy plots of land and create avatars. They can utilize nothing else to create amazing in-world material. Because of how the game is set up, NFTs, an environment is created where players can earn money from their online activities.

Players can trade a variety of goods, all of which are represented by the game’s native token $MANA. Possession of virtual property opens up other revenue streams, and users can monetize it by using it for marketing and other activities that bring in rewards.

Gods Unchained

Users can acquire NFT cards in this play-to-earn game on the blockchain so they can compete with one another. The “Gods,” strong beings with special abilities, are the main characters of the game. 

These cards can be purchased with the in-game cash, GODS, which can be acquired by defeating other players in combat.

As of June 27, 2022, there were roughly 23.7 million GODS coins in circulation, or about 5% of the total supply, and each GODS was worth about $0.5412.

 Star Atlas

Users can explore space and exchange NFTs of planets, stars, and other objects in the astronomy-based play-to-earn game Star Atlas. Each planet or star has distinctive characteristics that set them apart from one another throughout the game. By flying through this virtual cosmos at warp speed, players can even find new planets.

Two tokens are essential to the functioning of this blockchain-based game: the governance token POLIS and the utility token ATLAS. By putting their ATLAS tokens on the line, players can gain POLIS.

As of June 27, 2022, there were around 2.2 billion ATLAS coins, or about 6% of the total quantity, in circulation, each worth $0.006687. During the same time frame, around 21.6 million POLIS coins—or about 6% of the entire supply—were in circulation, each worth $0.3845.

Lucky Block

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the home of the cutting-edge cryptocurrency game platform Lucky Block, which provides participants with a daily opportunity to win a jackpot. These jackpots are paid out in LBLOCK, the native token of Lucky Block, enabling quick payout of prizes.

In addition to these prize drawings, Lucky Block will also provide additional P2E elements, such as a wide variety of raffles for both tangible and intangible goods. Additionally, there will be a “Games Gallery” section with geo-targeted P2E games, giving players even more chances to win prizes.

Additionally, owners of Lucky Block NFTs will be eligible for a daily prize draw that occurs concurrently with the platform’s main draws, giving them two opportunities to win each day.

Spells of Genesis

The puzzle game Spells of Genesis on the blockchain has a fantasy RPG vibe to it. This game stands out since it is among the greatest free crypto games that is compatible with several blockchains.

At the time of this writing, this game offers more than 300 blockchain cards. The blockchains Ethereum, Klaytn, and Bitcoin are all compatible. Within the game, the Askian Merchant sells blockchain cards directly to you. As a result, the cards can be bought in the in-game store with crypto tokens.

In essence, Spells of Genesis’ play-to-earn system rewards players for their gaming time with cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for real money. In-game products can be purchased with Ethereum to increase your earning potential.

ZOO Crypto World

DeFi and GameFi are combined in ZOO Crypto World, a GameFi metaverse. You can engage in combat with your opponents, wager on pools, or engage in exciting battles with megabosses. GameFi developed ZOO Crypto World on the BSC network.

The game features a number of elements with the potential to earn bitcoin using a Pay-to-Earn system, requiring upfront expenditures in order to generate revenue while playing.

Each player is granted three complimentary admissions to the arena at the start of each new day (tickets). Even if they triumph in battle, players still don’t get paid for their use.

However, participants will get a bonus entry and the chance to take part in the distribution of prizes in the form of KEYs shares if they buy tickets for at least one $ZOO. 

So, every day, a random portion of a KEY share between 0.1 and 0.3 is raffled out and can subsequently be combined into the full KEY required to obtain a new NFT.


This review of Dragonary, a blockchain-based NFT game about rearing dragons, will tell you more about it. Due to the crypto game’s recent introduction (about 2021), new players will not be eligible for an early adopter incentive. Fortunately, there is a possibility of an island auction later this year.

There is no fee required, and it offers a full gaming experience. There is no charge for any of the game’s content, and winning the game does not require spending any money.

Everything in your account is wholly yours. All of the dragons and valuables in the game remain yours because they are still intangible possessions. Despite the fact that the game is free, NFTs and rare virtual things are actually worth money.

You can acquire stuff through your daily missions and adventures, and you can sell those items for real money. While playing the game, you can mine cryptocurrency for (CYT) Coinary tokens and currencies. Victories in the arena and on missions also grant a number of goodies. It can be used to purchase in-game goods or bundles.


A blockchain-based open-world action RPG game is called Mist. There has been anticipation building for the impending launch of their NFT marketplace, which is centered around NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), farming, and staking.

The Mist metaverse is a vast, fascinating world full of opportunities. with five different playable character classes, as well as a huge number of spells, skills, and settings.

The game will therefore appeal to all varieties of RPG enthusiasts. Mist has you covered if you enjoy completing quests, raiding, player-versus-player fights, or simply exploring a world full of opportunities.


Players can earn money in blockchain-based games in a variety of ways, including through the purchase of tokens on the open markets, alliances with other players, the formation of clans or factions, and gameplay competitions with other teams.

Games based on virtual currency have become increasingly popular as a result of the de facto acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of trade and payment in South America due to the dearth of dollars.

The NFT player community competes against its counterparts in Vietnam and the Philippines, two other nations where play-to-earn games are most popular. In these nations, blockchain technology has helped to shield citizens from inflation, low salaries, and repeating economic crises.

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